Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Minute Test Sets

I haven't been doing much 16kg snatching, although I have been doing my share with the well as swings with this weight. I'm not quite ready to train high volume with the 16kg, but I did have a ton of fun a couple of months ago when I did five 2 minute long snatch sets for reps with the 16kg. Here are 4 videos I took from Saturdays workout explained in the next few paragraphs.

So yesterday I thought I would do two minute long 16kg snatch test sets but not just "for reps", but maybe with only one hand switch, something I should do more of. If I want to train that skill and strength more then I have to start somwhere...and that somewhere was here! (above video)

The first two snatch sets with only one hand switch, (hardstyle, "over the top"), I changed it to snatch with a neg press (health snatch/half snatch) for two sets, (above two videos), and then finally back to hardstyle snatch but for fast as possible, switching hands multiple times. (video below)

Since we were on a "two minute" roll....I continued to "test" sets with doubles, starting with swings. I had never swung dbl 12kg's for more than 20 reps before, I never tried! So I extremely pleased to have done 40 before having to put them down for 15 seconds, finishing with 30 more. (I think Meg did all 80!). On to double presses.

For double presses the rules were that you could strict press, push press or jerk, just dbl press as long as you could before having to put the bells down, getting as many reps in the two minutes as possible.

Back to a single bell. Two hand problem to swing for 2 minutes straight, but I chose the 16kg because of course the 12 was too light, but I didn't feel like going heavier, I wanted to be just right.

Single bell presses next. Like the first snatch sets, one hand switch was allowed, but like the dbl press sets strict press, push press, or jerk was athletes choice.

Last but not least, back to the snatch. This time with the 12kg and all out for reps at the end.

Ta da! If you have never tested your skills then two minute long sets are plenty challenging enough, so go for it!

16kg snatch w/one hand switch x 2 (40 reps)

16kg snatch/neg press, one hand switch, x 2 (41 reps)

16kg snatch for reps, mulitple hand switches x 1 (53 reps)

12kg's double swings x 1 (70 reps)

12kg's long cycle double presess, LC x 2

2 hd swing w/16kg (80 reps) x 1

12kg single LC press, one hand switch x 2

light snatch, one hand switch x 1

light snatch for reps x 1 (60 reps)

All rest periods were two minutes.

I only taped the snatch sets because I didn't know what I was going to train next...


Maribel said...

omg...16k! That's all I can say right now

Tracy Reifkind said...


Good for you that your "goal" weight means you'll never have to snatch the 16kg....doesn't mean you won't , just means you don't have to!