Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's only because I care

I was all set to write a blogpost about food and pressure and all, but now I feel I should address the misunderstanding going on as a result of my last blopost and in comments section. I want to but I don't have the energy. In fact this is the 4th draft I've started to write about it. It's almost 7:00pm and I've erased everything I've written for the past 2 hours.....this time I will make it "short and sweet".

I really dislike being or sounding defensive so I won't..... I may come across harsh, but it's only because I care. Anyone that knows me personally knows how much of myself I give away without thought. I rarely give my opinion unless asked and when I tell people that I was able to lose 50 lbs is three months I'm not do so to brag, I'm doing so to give hope.

I will get back to each individual comment in the morning. I deeply value the time any readers take to post a comment.


Maribel said...

aw Tracy, I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE...and it's because I know you haven't forgotten how much you weighed and lost. THAT is why you are direct.

When I tell people about you I always say "be prepared, she will tell you what you SHOULD hear and not what you WANT to hear". It's exactly what I love about you.

It reminds me of this yoga instructor that everyone complained about because he was "mean". He wasn't mean, he was passionate about his practice and he wanted everyone to do their best. You're like that too.

I'm as lazy as they come and I will slack off if given the opportunity. I will be the first to join a pity party where I'm the guest of honor. Not anymore....I would have never picked up that 16k a couple of weeks ago until you urged me to try. I would have not pushed myself to try that 12k snatch if you hadn't "suggested" it.

So, maybe you're a little rough around the edges, I know I appreciate the candid responses you have always given me....and I know it's because you can see right through anyone who is looking for a magic pill as opposed to resolving to commitment and hard work.

Looking forward to the PC post.

Anonymous said...

Some people appreciate a tough love approach and some don't. Regardless of the delivery, the answers are still the same.

jockeRKC said...

there are NO have to just want to ;) so you is doing the right thing Mrs Reikind

Dirigo said...

I respect your opinion and realize even tho I don't know you, that you care or you would never have written a book or done the DVD's. You do this becasue you care and want to help people. Some people will seek the infomation, but not put it to use, you can only do so much.
I am grateful for what you have done for me. You motivate me to be stronger and put forth the effort.

Nadine said...

I'm from Northern New Jersey,my husband is from Queens NY- blunt and to the point is our preferred way of communication. ;)
I've always felt your posts are to motivate, not put down, not to toot your own horn for its own sake. I know you have inspired me (I would never have tried HV or doubles if it weren't for you!) and you have inspired many others!
Some times posts are hard to gauge a feeling/tone - maybe she just misunderstood how much you care, not knowing your personality.....

in support

Diana said...

This is no different then the frustration I get every day at work. It's absolutely "hair-pulling" to care way more about my patients than they care about themselves. It's very tiring, it's frustrating, it pulls at my heartstrings on a daily basis....but I continue to care because it's my nature. As it is yours. If you didn't care, I never would have completed RKC! Even with all the hard ass crap you "made" me do to train for it, it was the fact that I knew you cared and were always just a phone call away if I needed it that made me pull out my inner RKC beast!
I have one comment regarding the person you were speaking of and her state of mind.....
Until the overall conditions of your life are gratifying enough to be enjoyable, you'll have nothing to support better eating and exercise habits, and those habits will never form.
I feel, in my own personal challenge of this healthy lifestyle is that I've changed more mentally than anything. We must change mentally in order to change physically.
What the hell am I still babbling about this for? You know it, you lived it, I lived it, hell....anyone can live it. THAT IS, if they WANT it!
Sorry to dragging on......

Gayle said...

Tracy - I've been lurking on your blog for a while, but don't believe I've ever posted before.

I'll just say...don't change.

Most any goal that's worth achieving, whether it's losing 100lbs, getting out of debt, or putting one's self through college, requires hard work, discipline and some sacrifice...and that can't be sugar-coated.

If somebody doesn't want to hear and accept that, then they don't want the goal badly enough.

Keep on doin' what your doin'.

Jason said...

What Gayle said. +1

neca said...

My MIL is morbidly obese, has diabetes and COPD, and regularly spends the entire day in bed because she feels so badly. I feel for her, but I watch her eating habits and I'm not the least surprised she feels like crap - that's what she puts into her body.

But if you have a discussion with her, she'll tell you all about how to eat healthfully - she knows the info, but cannot make the connection and take action on her knowledge.

There are days I feel like talking to her is like spitting in the wind, but other days I hope maybe something I say will 'stick'.

My point is that knowledge is like a seed - we can learn it or share it, but the circumstances have to be right for the seed to grow.

It doesn't sound like the lady in your yoga class is ready to change, but maybe some of what you shared will stay there like a seed in soil, waiting until the conditions are right.

It has taken me multiple tries over years to establish a regular yoga practice. Most people take multiple tries to lose weight.

Just because people don't instantly action what you are telling them doesn't lessen the value - and it may lurk there for a long time before it finally sparks someone to change.

I have learned so much from your blogs and I have shared that knowledge with others. You may not always see it, but your message is affecting people. You aren't "spitting in the wind!" :-)

Tracy said...


You lived it. You walk it. You talk it.

You have nothing to apologize for.

Some people are too used to being coddled when they NEED to hear the cold, hard truth.

It's not pretty but it IS necessary at times. She, I believe, is one of those who NEEDS to hear it. She might not get it now but hopefully when she really thinks about what you said, it will sink in.

You did your part.

You planted the seeds. It's up to her to let those seeds grow and mature so she can change.

Juci RKC said...

What the other Tracy says +1
What Gayle says +1

Another story. Pavel was once asked "How can I keep myself motivated?"
His answer was (guess what): "I have no idea - you either know what you want or you don't know. If you know, you shall act accordingly. If you don't know what you want, I can't help you".

Mark Reifkind said...


I've heard that Pavel answer, it is the correct one :))Figure it out, Comrade.

Juci RKC said...

That's a good one too :)

However, there must have been another question-answer session to this effect.
I'll never forget this. Budapest, RKC cert, central building, auditorium, 16th August 2009, around 1100 am; Pavel leaning against the pulpit, and quoting the same.
"How can I keep myself motivated?"
"I have no idea"

The image, along with the sound, is burnt on my disk all right :)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Maribel, Beth, JockeRkc, Dirigo, Nadine, Diana, Gayle, Jason, Neca, Tracy, Juci,

As always thank you for your support and comments.