Monday, June 20, 2011

Rediscovering Food and Thought

When I started this, my second, blog I already had a popular and frequently visited first blog (Rediscovering Strength). Why two blogs? Well, it was my original intention to keep this one kind of a secret. I never, ever, announced it's existence on Rediscovering Strength because my intention was to create a blog more focused on food and eating. It was never my intention to post any workouts or write about my kettlebell training at all. (there's more than plenty of that stuff on my first blog) The original title of this blog was "Food and Thought"...I may have to change it back! In fact the only reason why I started to journal my training and workouts here is because both Mark and I closed down our original blogs....Mark's blog was down for 9 months, and I never did resume writing on Rediscovering Strength.

Because my first blog was started riding coattails of Marks blog it was quickly noticed in the kettlebell community by other KB enthusiasts, not necessarily the overweight or formerly overweight.....although "my peeps" did find me there! I mostly wanted to offer a safe place to write and talk about the craziness of eating disorders, specifically compulsive overeating away from the judgmental eyes of the "always fit and athletic" types. I wanted to share the joy of food and eating.....and sometimes the pain. The pain that I still experienced at the time in my own compulsive behavior and habits that seemed to sneak up on me from out of nowhere. The pain of "the fight". The pain of the pressure to stay thin, thinner....the thinnest....who are we kidding we all secretly want to be skinny.

I wanted to write about how I found relief from an obese lifestyle through food, not through food restriction. My whole diet philosophy is built around abundance of real foods and the infinite choices we all have to build nourish and create health in every cell of our bodies. Food and cooking is one of my hobbies and I enjoy everything about it. Learning how to cook and prepare my own foods has become my Savior, and I want that for everybody.

As I finished my commitment last month to write a blogpost a day I'll recommit again these next 30 days. But this time the focus will be on food and eating. This is going to be way harder and much more of a commitment than most of you know. Taking and editing pictures (nice pictures), and writing recipes is one of the most time consuming projects ever! This is why I don't do it, or should I say I've been doing it less and less. But no more.

I can't promise quality but I will promise quantity. I have one of the worlds smallest and oldest kitchens without a dishwasher and with a counter space the size of my cutting board (for which I got a new one today especially for the occasion)...I'm not kidding! In fact in the "after" picture above taken for Womans First Magazine I had to borrow my training partner's kitchen for the photo shoot. When I can't post about foods I'll post my thoughts about eating or our obsession with food, eating and being skinny.

I will also continue to post workouts but my focus will be more on my beginners routines. All beginners routines can easily be made more difficult and I'll give instruction on how to do that. I'm revisiting alot of my former posted workouts from Rediscovering Strength because those routines are just as relevant as ever, in fact the workout we'll be doing tomorrow morning was published in May 2008 and you can find the details here

It's time for me to Rediscover Food and Thought.


Fatguy said...

As an overeating kettlebell enthusiast who still hasn't overcome overeating, I appreciate the effort!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I plan on writing about that very subject "overcoming overeating", and I hope you will find some value in it.

What I can say about it for now is that it is possible.

Maribel said...

Your other blog is a treasure trove of KB routines. I go there almost weekly for inspiration on the days I do it on my own.

I can talk about food forever. How good it is, how bad it is, how much I want to eat, how much I can't you can see, I'll be looking forward to these posts.

Dawn said...

I'm SO looking forward to your posts this month. I'd LOVE to have better knowledge & ability to cook (foods that are edible) and hopefully I'll pick up a few things along the way reading here!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sometimes I wonder what it must be like for people in the food busiess. It never ceases to amaze me when I watch cooking shows which Chefs are fat and which ones are thin. Waht's up with that?

I've got some thoughts about all the "food talk"

Tracy Reifkind said...


You're funny! I often say about recipes that "go wrong", that if the food is hot and edible than that's good enough for me. Besides you rarely make the same mistake twice, you always make the next batch better if the first one sucks!

It's the practice of making food that is the important part.

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Interesting post and blog. I always get fascinated when someone talks about food, as well as health and fitness. I gotta read more of your posts!

Pat said...

Love the blog so glad you take the time to do it