Friday, June 10, 2011

Adding in Squats....again

The two kb lifts that I rarely train is the Get-up and the squat. The Get-up I simply don't make enough time to do, and it may be because the platforms in our garage gym are too narrow which poses one more obstacle. The squat I've trained off an on, mostly off, because my legs are plenty big enough, (picture to right), and my abs are plenty thick enough! The one thing both lifts would improve however is my flexibility.

I'm adding in squats back into my workouts on Thursdays as part of my doubles workout, and I may add it in with a single bell on Tuesdays only because I have a killer swing/squat workout that I call "The Torture Chamber" that I may want to produce for video and I've got to get in shape to do it! The workout combined single and double bell sets as well as pacing....and those of you who have done some pacing work with me on my Programing the KB Swing DVD know how freakin' hard that is!

I train swings for at least 30 minutes and 15 min of light snatches with a client (or 2) before a 20-30 minute doubles workout.

Warm up the single clean/squat for two 1 minute sets. Warm up the double clean/squat for 1 min.

dbl cl/sq x 5 w/12kg's, 30 sec work/rest

dbl pr x 6 w/ 12kg's (30/30)

dbl sn w/10kg's x 12 (30 /30)

dbl sn w/8kg's x 12 (30/30)

2 rotations = 12 min.

Then I realized I didn't need anymore ballistic work so I dropped the dbl snatches and went to dbl presses, but no rest between switching weights.

dbl cl/sq x 5 w/12kg's (30/30)

dbl pr x 5 w/ 12kg's
dbl pr x 5 w/10kg's
dbl pr x 6 w/8kg's (1.5 min/30)

4 rotations = 12 min.

I finished up with 5 sets of 8 rep bottoms up cleans (30/30)

I didn't want to overdo the squats so there will be much more to come.


Maribel said...

I love squats. They're so hard that they're gratifying. Makes me feel like I'm doing something significant. Plus you get that good sore proving you DID something significant.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I din't mind doing squats, but with all that I do I'm looking for the biggest bang for my buck....not sure I should spend time squatting. But we'll see. Like I mentioned it's the bottom of the squat position that I need to work.

We'll be doing squats over the summer in class, so we'll see if you still like them in Sept. !