Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Your Food Boring?

As I sit and write this blogpost Mark is finishing his dinner. A stir fry of onion, mushrooms spinach, garlic and eggs with which he ususally eats for lunch, but tonight he is eating it for dinner. Oh, the stir fry has changes slightly sometimes if we don't have all of the ususal ingredients, but for the most part it's the same. I've pretty much had the same exact foods everyday myself. A carrot salad with chicken for lunch, some carrot soup (the last 2 days was carrot apple, today it was roasted carrot/ cauliflower curry w/raisins), and savory steel cuts oats with feta and black pepper (yesterday I added some roasted corn). My snacks stay the same as well, peanut butter on something (lol), or nuts, dried fruit, an apple.

As much as I love to read cookbooks and magazines (Rachael Rays "Everyday" is one of my current favs) I just don't understand this desire we are supposed to have to eat something different everyday (no pun intended). Lots of magazines have special sections that will map out entire daily menu plans one month at a time. Good grief....and I do mean grief. I find the most time consuming thing about cooking is trying new recipes, especially every night.

Oh, I look through cookbooks and cooking blogs for ideas, maybe some flavor combinations I've never thought to try, but for the most part I'll stick to the same meals, and if I do try something new that I like, I'll do it to death, changing it up to suit my tastes until something else comes along and then I repeat the process. The savory oat idea is a perfect example of this. Even though I eat the same basic foods I still get plenty of variety.

I can't remember the last time I was bored with my food. But I remember what it was like when I was. Back in the days of relying on ready made foods I got bored pretty regularly. There always seemed to be a debate on which of the 4 or 5 fast food choices to buy dinner at. Let's see....burger, taco / burrito, pizza, different kind of burger, Chinese....goodness, remember Mr. Chau's? A ton of food for around $5...and I do mean "a ton" those plates of food were heav-y!

Why go to a "nicer" restaurant? All of the usual chain restaurants food menus were barely a step up from fast food, so why pay two to three times as much for what? A burger, a taco, a burrito, a pizza....but you could get a salad at least....a salad with 1000 calories of processed meat, cheese, candied nuts, bacon bits and drowning in dressing.

When I go out these days it takes me forever to find anything on the menu that is half way appealing because I know how it's prepared. I'd rather come home and eat my own foods...I guess now I'm the one that's boring!

The question may be, is your food boring, or are you boring? I don't mind being healthier and boring.


Amanda said...

Great post! I find myself eating a lot of the same things day after day as well....because I look forward to them and they make me feel good because they are healthy! I don't feel bored by them. But I do take the time to make them pretty...maybe chopping up some fresh herbs for my salads, or putting fresh fruit in my oatmeal or salad for a kick...I think it's the little things like that that keep me interested.

Anonymous said...

I get into what I call "food ruts" where I eat basically the same foods for weeks (sometimes months) on end. I like the familiarity and the ease of preparing it, and I know what's in it.

Almost every time we go to a restaurant I end up thinking "I could make this better at home."

Dawn said...

I'm boring because I just don't know how to cook much...or very well. I can make a couple killer dishes, but remembering to change it up is what I forget to do. "what should we have tonight? chicken on the grill again...OK.".

I did find a pressure cooker (my mom had an old one she gave me). Will be trying it soon!

Nadine said...

What Beth said ;)
and I am very happy this way!

Anonymous said...

I went through a phase of thinking I needed to change things up with food. I got over that very quickly.

I am happy with my daily oat bran with sunflower butter, PB and apple wraps with greek yogurt on the side, roasted chicken and sweet potato fries. I may add in new vegetables or spices, but the basics stay the same and it works for me.

We just returned from a week long road trip and, by day 6, I was so sick of eating in restaurants!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Eating foods you look forward to and make you feel good is key. Whe you get in the habit of preparing your own foods making extra little touches is no bother....unless it's cilantro (lol) I have a thing about cilantro stems.

You would think I'm tired of carrots this week,but you know what? I just might buy another 5lb bag! I better be careful not to turn orange by the end of next week though!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Gosh, I don't ever think of food routine or habits as a "rut". The advantages are everything you list.

If I have to go out I always go with good intentions to relax and just pick something out to eat....until I see the menu. Why is nothing ever appealing?

Tracy Reifkind said...


Maybe if you look to your cooking method instead of your ingredient you might find it easier. For instance, you mentioned the grill. Goodness so many things can go on a grill!

Try one other protein, like pork tenderloin or skirt steak. Marinate it in something simple (tons of easy marinades online) or buy one like "Veri, veri Teriyaki" and throw that on the grill. Get into the habit of one change at a time until "you own it" (you already own chicken time to move on!)

Same with veggies on the grill. Do you know you can grill lettuces if you cut it into quarters through the core to keep the together. Mmmnn grilled salads!

Tracy Reifkind said...


As I say in my blog profile...I'm all about making my life easier! (but not my kettlebell workouts! Which reminds me....I've got a killer 500 continous swing workout planned for this weekend...shh...don't tell anyone!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


As I write about in this post, I think it's become expected to try and eat different foods every night. I mean, if you made something that tased extra delicious and was easy wouldn't you want to make it over and over?

I'll be going on vacation with a new attitude about eating out.....let's see how long it holds up while I'm away!