Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Which One Would Make You Happier?

I almost always have some kind of sweet "stash" of cookies or candy in my car, it may even be dried fruit, but something sweet. Usually it's something I picked up on sale after a holiday...yikes! Anyway, I tuck it away somewhere I can't reach while I drive because it's really only for emergencies...yea right a cookie emergency huh? What I mean is, first of all, I don't think sweets are the enemy when eaten in moderation, and it seems, like when I cook in the morning, I'm not likely to overeat before my first meal, so when I find myself kinda jones'n for a little something I remember....aha!

Many days I leave my house early, not coming home until almost, or after, lunchtime. Even when I pack an apple I may get sidetracked running errands and I'm out later than planned. That's the "emergency" I'm talking about! But you know what? Because I know I've got a "little something" in my car it keeps me from stopping at the store and buying something stupid (because I was stupid by leaving the house too long without proper nutrition). I really do not like buying food that I didn't prepare myself, especially since I prepare plenty but it's sitting at home. Have you ever stopped at the store when you got too hungry? Good Lord. Since I don't bake, make candy, or make my own ice cream, I admit that those are always purchased foods and I the sweets that I do buy are made using good quality real ingredients.

(I know I'm a long storyteller...)

So, I knew I was going to be out and about today and I packed a salad...it was yum-my. But afterwards on the way home I thought....wouldn't be nice to have a "little something"? I remembered the cookies I had in the car (Easter shortbread cookies on sale from Peet's...I bought them for Mark....), and I was just about to grab a couple...two to be exact. I had read the calorie count on the package when I bought them and remembered that they were 120 calories for two. Were they worth it? But more importantly, could I eat just two? Probably, but then I thought about other snacks I liked that were around 120 calories. I thought about all the raisins I could put in my oatmeal for that extra 120 calories. I thought about all of those raisins I could put in my peanut butter.

I passed on the cookies....raisins make me way happier : )


Anonymous said...

Lately, your blog is making me happy! I recently converted from long cardio sessions to KB training/short cardio. I read your blog posts, and watch your videos, before each workout for motivation. It works!


Tracy Reifkind said...


Ah, thanks! I just read a bit about you on your blog and I've got two things to share with you.

It's not a crime to want to look good, even after 40. Feeling good is a given when you feel you look good.

And....from one cardio queen to another....you are going to dig the variety of high volume swing and snatch training. You should get my Programming the Swing video because when I come out with Programming the HV Snatch it will be based from alot of my techniques with swing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,

I got your DVD - can't wait to train with you.

Thanks for reminding me that it doesn't end at 40. I had no problem turning 40, but seem to have issues with turning 41.


Tracy Reifkind said...


41 was when a miracle happened to me....celebrate this one like no other!

Andy said...

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