Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Blogpost

Tuesday I teach my 50 min. swing/snatch class, continue on with 30 more minutes of HV snatches and then take a walk.....either a "walk, walk", or a walk 3 blks down to Whole Foods and/or Peet's before meeting Mark back at Girya for heavy presses and clubbells.

I have to admit my swing workout this morning was a bit mild, as far as "TracyStyle" goes, but I came up with the beginning of a killer snatch workout! I got about 15 minues into it before class was over, but continued on for another 30 minutes "working out the bugs"....all I can say is "I love it!" I still have to journal it in my training log, but I think all in all it was over 600 snatches done in what I call "beyond Max" style. That means it's based on Max Vo2, but way harder!

Today I drove over to Stanford track and only got in my 1 mile, but that's OK, When I got back to Girya I ended up double pressing the 14kg's (LC) for short sets, ending the workout with clubbells sheild casts and arm casts. I'm not sure how much clubbells are doing for me, but like kettlebells, the motion feels strong and athletic and I look forwards to them every week. Mark even ordered an extra set of clubbells for our garage gym, so now I can practice on Thursdays too!

So speaking of the "walk a mile every day" challenge....

True, scheduling the time is the most challenging, but not because I don't have time, but because I exercise so much that in all honesty I am too tired to add on one more physically demanding thing! Especially at the end of my morning. I confess, I've missed about 3 days of walks, replacing it with 15 minutes of unweighted getups, or taking my full 15 min savasana.

So, I don't know what to say about that, except that I could interpret the challenge as one that commits to 15 minutes of making life better, and I have indeed done something "extra" everyday that I didn't used to do. So it's the 17th and that means that out of 9 days I've walked 6, but some days I walked 2 miles....does that count? lol I'm still planning for daily walking, so I haven't even come close to giving up on the idea....just like I haven't given up on my daily blogpost!

Yikes....it's almost bedtime....


Maribel said...

Oh man, I've totally failed at the challenge. This weather is killing me. Yes, I shouldn't let a little rain get in my way, but I have. And if it wasn't the rain, it was something else I let get in the way. Key word "LET".

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yes, the rain has sucked! But you did learn the Get up....that's cool!

Scheduling something new is key. If we wait to see if we have time we never do!