Monday, May 9, 2011

Hardstyle Snatches

Here is a video I taped a couple of weeks ago after one of my snatch workouts....sorry for cutting off my head...again!

I was doing a version of my HV snatch workout which is comprised of swing and snatch combinations incresing in difficulty by replacing swings by adding snatches and then picking up the pace. My HV snatch routines include a set of 10/10, but I realized halfway through my workout that it wasn't quite "hard" enough but I didn't want to increase the number of snatch reps by speeding up the pace, and I didn't want to increase the weight of the bell.

How can you increase intensity, snatching the same number of reps in the same amount of time without increasing the weight? Here's doing them "hardstyle"

I divided this video into two parts in case you wanted to play them at the same time to see the difference in speed and form. To play both simultaneously stop each of them just as I start each snatch set and then click them both to play at the same time!

******Kitchen Chores************

I got up before the crack 'o dawn this morning, literally 3:30am to start boning a dozen chicken thighs and get some stock going in the PC before I had to leave for 5:30am yoga. Usually I would do all of my cooking before leaving for my first of two yoga classes at 7:15. But I needed the stock to be done and cooled to use so I decided to blast it out and let it cool while I was gone.

Perfect, when I got home at 9:15 I strained it and started on the rest of my kitchen chores....oh but first I had to clean out the fridge...yuck!

5 qts chicken stock
oatmeal for my lunch
3 bean soup with sausage, ham and kale (PC)
shredded salad
curry salad dressing
chicken liver pate
Stir fry for Mark

I didn't get to one of my newest most favorite recipes, and Indian inspired chicken and lentil stew. I'll be posting that one soon. I also didn't get to the freakin' turkey I bought last week! Yep, I said turkey! I'll be roasting that bad boy tomorrow or the next day....I'm just going to throw the damn thing in the oven upside down! Sometimes I get a little carried away with buying too much protein! (that's how sausage and ham ended up in my bean soup today!)

Funny thing is I finished everything around 11:15am, the same time I would have come home from the later yoga classes. Before or after, it doesn't matter. And then I went for my walk #1 after lunch...29 more!

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Maribel said...

I tried the hardstyle snatches last, ouch today. At least I had the good sense to keep it at 5 reps and = work = rest. I felt it most in my abs and hip flexors.