Saturday, May 7, 2011

Me and My Co-stars (the kettlebells!)

I had a photo shoot at my house this afternoon. Word of not schedule a photo shoot after 3 hours of kettlebell training! Now I know! Either way we took hundreds of pictures and now I'm in the editing process to get just the right images to best instruct complete beginners through the progressions of learning the swing. I've developed my own brand new progressions and I can't wait to see how the whole thing turns out!

We decided it was best to do the shoot in my living room to show how little space one needs to swing. No worries though we took a few in the garage gym to show contrast. Funny thing is that although I had to move one of my sofas back a bit for the lighting, I've decided to get rid of it completely and use the space for stretching and foam rolling!

It was a good day and the rest of the weekend looks very promising...oh yea, it's Mother's Day tomorrow. I already got some beautiful flowers, a card even more beautiful and thoughtful thanthe flowers....I'm one lucky gal!


Maribel said...

We had company yesterday and as I was getting something from the garage, our guests saw my KB setup. Earlier they had commented on how much weight I lost and how great my legs looked (oh yes, I was gleaming with pride), so I showed them my little space. I have a small carpet and my KB's lined up. That's it! It's actually an improvement from the little spot I had in the bedroom.

My point is, limited space is no problem with KB's. You're book will show that for sure.

Tracy Reifkind said...


We'll have to come over and take a photo of your kb studio! We'll get some good "after" pics too!

PS you should name your "studio"...I'll name my new space too. The garage gym is "Stones Gym" named after MArk who is known as "Rifstonian"!