Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

I have this habit that I swear I'm going to break right now, to-day, never to let it pass through the thoughts in my head again...that's it....done! The habit is to cruise through the bakery section of the grocery (especially Whole foods) and stalk the free samples. Good God. Most of the time the WH in PA near our studio never even puts anything out to sample! I think they must have the cheapest bakery manager ever....oh yes, back to the point!

So, ev-very time I walk into the store, even though I never by bread, I rarely buy pastries (if I do they are for Mark of course), I never buy any desserts (well I never buy them there, lol) I still have to go around the cookie, cake and bisuit table cruising for free samples. I've written about free samples before in the fact that a sample should be something that you truly are thinking about buying, a taste sample is only there to "seal the deal". A sample is not supposed to feed you. (I mean me....sorry)

True that if I have to stop by the market after Saturday training and classes I do usually indulge...I'm not supposed to be in that section...but whatever, it's better that grabbing handfuls of energy nuggets out of the bulk bins! (something that I haven't done for over a year at least!)

So yesterday, there I go, hanging a sharp left turn lurking for free samples knowing I would not take any because I'm been following a very specific food plan for almost 2 weeks now and bakery samples are not on the menu. There they were.....big ole generous chunks of something...didn't matter. I took a picture and thought about the craziness that seems to be some kind of leftover childhood disfunction in some way that makes me continue to do this. Good-ness I'm freakin' 47 years old and the free bakery samples are enough to pull me off course every time? Crazy S#!T

Ok, done with the dramatic reaction. As far as ever again stalking the free bakery samples go, maybe I will, maybe I won't...but I'd rather not. The truth of the matter is that I can buy anything I want, including full size bakery goods that no one else has had their grubby dirty little hands on...yuck I think I just solved the problem!


Anonymous said...

This is interesting because I've always been grossed out by free samples due to the germ factor. My husband teased me about it until one day we were at the deli and they had a bowl of some homemade meat type salad set out with crackers. As we were standing there a little boy around 5 or 6 walked up to the table, took the spoon out of the bowl, licked it off, stuck it back in the bowl, and walked away.

We told someone what happened and they took the bowl and got rid of it, but Brent hasn't eaten a free sample since.

Diana said...

Haha, you're last line summed up why I never hit those samples.....every other paw in the store has been in there! I guess working in a hospital keeps me away from the germ infested freebies!
Now eating grapes is a different story. I grab a bag to buy usually eating a good portion while shopping before checking out and paying, now that I think about it-that's kind of stealing. Great, I'm a crook.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Fortunately, or unfortunately germs don't scare me much!

I just need to buy the stuff I want and quit thinking I'm getting something for free....cuz I'm not!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yes, you are a thief! (kidding)

Heres' what I do....

I eat half, and then tell the checkout person to charge me twice! Or sometimes if I eat an apple, I'll take another so they can weigh it and charge me....most of the time they don't, but that's on them.