Saturday, October 9, 2010

Try My Class for FREE!

Do you wish you could come to one of my KB Swing classes? Well, now you can! All you have to do is email me with your request, and I will send you a copy of my Beginners Swing Class I taught this morning! Let me give you a bit of's a "Roundabout" Swing workout that is approximately 30 minutes in duration. If you aren't familiar with my combination of swings I call the Roundabout, then you will learn them in this video.

It is mostly equal work to rest ratio, but it does go into a "more work than rest" must be able to self scale the workload, especially if you are a Beginner. If you have already trained your conditioning past "equal work to rest" ratio, then chose a heavier bell...afterall I created the roundabout to condition myself into using a heavier bell.

You only have to email me,, with your request, and I will send you the Flip video to train along with! This is a Beginners "TracyStyle" workout..."beginner" refers to your High Volume conditioning....not your skill at the KB Swing! With your request you will be taking on the responsibility of scaling the workout appropriately based on your abilities! That means....listen to your body! Once you break form and technique, STOP! The number of swing reps is unimportant to the practice!

This is not a professional production, it is simply "Gonzo" video! So you will have to excuse the quality of sound and the camera angle that may not be ideal! When I taped this I had no intention of sharing it publicly, but after reviewing it I thought it may be fun for others to take a peek into some of what I do. Enjoy!

Oh....and I expect some feedback! At the risk of asking for "a critique", I value your comments about things like, difficulty, and was the instruction easy to follow along with? I really want to expand sharing my KB Swing methods with motivated people for future projects, including classes, via DVD, and workshops in conjunction with HKC Certifications, Domestically and Internationally!

Free video offer expires Oct. 14, 2010


fawn said...

If you have the chance, go to Tracy's class! Her classes are a ton of fun, and her style is truly unique.

Tina said...


Awesome workout!!!! I only made it 15 minutes in and had to stop. The time flew by and it was fun. You have to make more! It felt like I was in your class.


Tracy Reifkind said...

Fawn....ahhh! It's such a trip how we became friends....but I'm so glad we did!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm so glad you did this workout! You are not the only one that has commented about how the time flew by! Which is part of the point, and part of my "master plan".

The point is how to make swing rep, after swing rep, interesting, challenging and, dare I use the "F" word? FUN!

It's fun transforming yourself into the athlete you always wanted to least that's how I feel!

Thank you so much for your comment and support.

Sean said...

I finally got a chance to view the vid, and holy cow you are intense!

I hope to reach that level of conditioning some day!
To be able to lead a swing class while barking out sets and rep number AND giving advice all while moving that chunk of iron around...phenomenal!!

Thanks for the freebie, worth 100x times that. :)


Tracy Reifkind said...


You made my night! Thank you! I love barking out orders, lol!

Many times I encourage my class to bark out the rep count with me, or to take turns adds to the energy of the workout!

Amber said...

This workout was great! I did it this morning after getting home from training my outdoor class. The 30 minutes was small enough that I couldn't talk myself out of it, and I made it through the whole thing. Now to try with some different bell sizes :) My only problem was in remembering to count the transition swings, I'm not used to those yet! =)

Haley said...

Holy cow!! I just made it through PART of the video workout, and all I've got to say is YOU ARE THE WOMAN!! I don't think I've ever been through a workout that unique...not to mention how NOT boring the swings were!! You have truly created something awesome that will benefit the kettlebell community and change how people look at swings! Thank you for sharing the class!! I look forward to participating in person one these days!

kettlebellchic said...

What a great workout!! TIme flew by and it mixes things up a bit....which is always a plus! Thanks soooo much for sharing!

mlschmidt said...

Just finished your workout, LOVED it! Can't believe how fast the time went, I was dripping sweat when I finished. Thank you again for taping and sending it out to everyone who requested it, it is the closest that I will get to taking a live class with you. Can't wait to do this workout again, and I am hoping that you will film some more.

Morkai said...

Wow, just finished this, barely.., with my 12kg bell. That was awesome :)

Very challenging, very fun, and very distracting. I love it. Thank you so very much :)

Morkai said...

I just did the math, that's right around a 600 swing workout. I think 606 to be exact. Woo, my shoulders are going to feel that tomorrow :)

scorpiogrrl said...

Awesome thank you ! Have a question - I found my swings a little slower than yours. As part of my training should I be aiming to increase my speed to match yours ?

thanks again ! Donna

Jen said...

Tracy, What a way to 'Spread the Love' - Tracy-Style!!

Tons of happy/sweaty customers (me included).

Sooo exciting to know that you have more great ideas up your sleeve to share your talent and unique training methods.

I'm so proud of you and love your love to share your methods with others.


Tracy Reifkind said...


Every swing counts!

Tracy Reifkind said... were lucky enough I didn't track you down last time you were in town! Just kidding....I think next time you'll be itching to come to class!

I can't wait to meet you in person...soon!

Tracy Reifkind said...


you are welcome....much more to come.... thank you for taking the time to offer your feedback.

Tracy Reifkind said...


more to come, much more! I love dripping with sweat! I know I'm working hard when my shins sweat!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Glad you liked it....I would normally use the 14kg for this first Saturday workout, before my Max class. I did another version of this today with the 16kg....good God! (DVD to come!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


If you were using a heavier bell, then you could expect the swings to be a it slower. But I talk about pace on my Swing DVD and I think you should practice, and aim for, a 10 rep per 15 second pace.

In this workout I was exactly on that pace with the 12kg.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Jen....have you done it yet?....I think you haven't, since you were NOT on the request list!

I'm sending the file to you in the morning and I expect you to practice.....we're going to do a workout on the beach in a couple of weeks, so you better practice!

(Greg can be our videographer!, lol)

Maribel said...

Just finished! whew-wee! I started with a 20lb bell, and in the second 1 1/2 minute set I went down to a 15lb bell because I was just wobbling all over the place. I did finish off with the 20lb in the last set. Next time I do it, I'll try alternating until I get my endurance up.

This was perfect Tracy. I felt like I was right there with you. It was more challenging than I anticipated, but I can see myself doing something like this a few times a week and still taking your class once a week.

I would love something like this regularly. The hardest part about training on my own is not the motivation to get started it's trying and remember what was done in class and keeping time. This would be a no-brainer and therefore much more motivation to train regularly solo.

Looking forward to the next one!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I see you shrinking in front of my eyes and your Bikram practice will start to, if it hasn't already, show your new found athleticism!

Your strength and confidence alone, from training kb's, will change you.....

scorpiogrrl said...

Tracy, thanks very much for taking the time to answer my question, really appreciate it. Actually this vid has inspired me to order your DVD so I especially look forward to the info about pace on there. As I said before, this video is awesome. If you do sell material like this in future you have a customer here.

mlschmidt said...

606 swings? I have never swung that many times in a workout! I'm very proud of myself! Too funny, I also know when my shins sweat it was a hard workout!
Tracy, have you thought about adding your yoga training in a video or dvd? I would be interested in a class from you in Bikram yoga.
Thanks again

TheLighteningGirl said...

Hi Tracey

I tried your swing workout this morning and it was great! I have been following some of your endurance stuff but it gives so much more insight into what you mean when you actually see it! I used my 16 bell so I was a little slower but tonnes of sweating!

My thoughts: Great progression, working up at the right pace. Breaks were perfect length and it was so nice to have someone else time them for me!!! I would sign up for a weekly class and work along with you as I think many people would! Cueing was excellent, I always knew what I was doing next... something that is not a good thing with a kettlebell in your hand! I had been doing 40 H2H swings at a time and then taking breaks and this way felt way less arduous! Same number of swings!

Thanks so much for making the effort to do this and sharing your time!
Now I just need to get my hands to toughen up!!!

Morkai said...

Tracy: The 16kg? eek, I have a 16kg that I bought for hubby, it sits in the corner and taunts me. I will swing it one day *smile*. Actually I already have some ideas starting to float around on how to work it in based on everything I have read/watched. I can do some 2h swings with it already just not a huge amount. Certainly not this workout just yet :)

Somehow I had missed the 14kg on DD, I think I will have to get one of those.

@mischmidt: Isn't that amazing? The two longest sets were actually 60 swings. That's when I really realised how powerful and amazing these techniques are.

Every time I was about to think, I can't do another one, we'd change hands and you'd get that mini rest for each arm.

I swear Tracy is going to get a PO out on me soon but I am just floored by how she has turned something so 'simple' into something so awesome and at how much I am clicking with it. I have never felt so excited to get home and go work out. I usually hate working out, I do it cause it's good for me and a means to an end.

@Heather: I have been following Rif's advice to soak hands in hot water for 15/20 mins (or I just do this straight after my shower) then trimming the dead skin and filing the callous down with a nail file or pumice stone. On another RKC's advise I picked up Corn Huskers lotion from the pharmacy and I am using that 3 or 4 times a day. My hands are toughening up nicely whilst staying nice looking and it's keeping the callouses from ripping off completely. I've always had two callouses under my rings and even they are looking much better with this care.

Tracy said...

Tracy this is a FANTASTIC workout. Thank you for making this available!!!
I have done your free workout two days in a row now, and have decided to make it the first 30 minutes of all of my workouts from now on. doing it gave me great hope! I feel WONDERFUL and challenged after doing this workout, and I know I will be able to meet all of my personal weight loss goals with continued use.
I was so impressed after the first time through the workout that I ordered your DVD "Programming the Kettle bell Swing". You are clearly a wonderful instructor! I look forward to seeing much more from you in the (hopefully near) future.

Tracy Reifkind said...


The biggest obstacle with teaching Bikrams is their ridiculous 9 week teacher training that puts the participants through the evquivilant of brain sleep, endless yoga classes, serious power trips from Senior Instructors as well as from Bikram himself.

I actually have some new yoga adventures I'll be blogging about soon.

I do see myself, eventually, teaching some sort of yoga....

Oh and I counted over 650 swings....but that was after a couple glasses of wine, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I did a radio interview during which I said that I invented "variety" in training the kettlebell swing....and that's truly how I feel about it. Variety in just one movement? You bet!

I chose my first DVD to be about my progressive methods of how I have designed programming the Swing for my own benefit. And then as I became a teacher and coach I had to translate it into levels starting with a "beginners" skill level.....

Glad you had a good workout!

mlschmidt said...

650! Now I feel even better! Did it again yesterday, started out with 25 pound bell made it 3/4 of the way and then dropped down to 20pounder. Sunday I will make it all the way with the 25! OK, Tracy, we are begging for more!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Maybe I should have a contest for anyone that can count the # of swings in this video, lol!

When you make it all the way through, shorten the rest peiods to 30 seconds only!

Much more to come, in fact this morning I put my Intermediate class through the beginnings of my next "official" roundabout DVD! They had a freakin' blast! (so did I)

Tracy said...

Hello Tracy,

WOW!!! Today I did your workout (4th time) using only a 25 lb KB. Up until now I've been using a 20 lb bell or a combination of 20 and 25 lbs. I can't believe how quickly I was able to move up to a heavier KB. I was able to stay in sync with you throughout the workout, which was VERY exciting! It is wonderful to watch you and hear you call out ("bark") the commands. This is fun and a great workout! I'm looking forward to your next DVD. When will it be available? Is it an intermediate workout? What device do you use to monitor the intervals/time?

Thanks again,

Tracy W.

Mike said...


Great workout, I love the switches as it really keeps things moving. I have not done the progression in you video yet, but used the two count switch idea to do four sets of three minutes with two minutes rest between. I think I will keep working this to get the rest periods down and try adding some variations on the switches like you did in the video.

It's too easy to get into a single minded pattern, so I think this was great to see.