Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturdays.....the hardest workouts of the week

Good-ness! Saturday is, by far, my hardest training day of the week. I start out with my 30 minute 7:30am beginning swing class that always delivers 500-650 swings. I recently decided to train this class with a 14kg, as a warm up for my next scheduled group training, a Max based workout.

A couple of weeks ago my Max based group started a new cycle of 15:15. A new cycle starts at 50 sets. We then went on to 56 sets, last week was 60 sets. Meg and I with the 14kg, Mina, and Sabina with the 12kg. 3 weeks ago we all tested a 10 minute snatch with these weights, and in another few weeks, after we fininsh our 80 sets, we will retest....what the heck, right? Today was 64 sets of 8.....

Inbetween my Saturday workouts I have quit training classes at Equinox on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means I'm on my own...literally. By myself, no "training partners", no one to "cheerlead" or cheerlead me, but me, myself and I. Honestly, without a crowd, or without peripheral onlookers, it becomes a true test. Do I still have what it takes to get it done, alone?

Hell yes!

Thursday Max based workout

dbl snatch w/10kg

2 hd sw w/24kg

7 rep dbl sn w/10kg x 10
10 2 hd sw w/24kg x 5

7 rep dbl sn w/10kg x 15
10 2 hd sw w/24kg x 5

7 rep dbl sn w/10kg x 20
10 2 hd sw w/24kg x 5

60 sets total = 30 minutes

I did a total of 35 sets of 7 double snatches w/10kg, and 15 sets of 10 2 hd swing w/24kg.....I can't believe I ever did 1000 2 hd swings w/24kg....twice! This was the main portion of my 1 hour 30 minute workout. The first was portion was a warm up, and the last portion was playing around with some swing combinations for my Saturday classes.

Saturday Max....w/14kg

64 sets of 8. Whew! This took us 32 minutes. We started with about a 10 minute warmup, and finished, after a 2 minute rest period, with doubles. Dbl swings, dbl cleans, dbl clean/press, etc....15 minutes.

Intermediate swing/snatch class 45 minutes
Beginning Swing class 30 minutes
Learn to swing class 30 minutes

Pedicure 11:30-12:30! Woo hoo!

Picture above is of me, my bossy self, having a heck of a good time leading my first Saturday class of the day.

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