Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sophi's First Introduction to KB

I got the chance to teach Sophi's mom, Cristina, how to swing a kettlebell yesterday! Cristina did great, and I hope she liked it enough to give it a few workouts.....afterall it a great exercise and workout for a busy mom! It's a great exercise and workout for everyone, but when time is a consideration then you can't beat it.

I forgot a baby bell for Sophi to play with, but I did get her to touch the handle, and I tried to have her do an "empty handed" deadlift....I'm working on her! I think getting her to sqeeze her glutes is going to be tough though.

Check out Sophi's natural squat...oh what it must be like to be 1 year old!


Diana said...

Amazing what 40+ years can do to our "natural" squat hey??!!
How cute the pic though of her and the bell-I knew it wouldn't take you long to bring her up "Grandma Tracy-Style"!! LOL!

BTW.....on a different topic, but I made your turkey/jalapeno soup (I can't help it, I love it!) but I had no turkey so used ground pork and get this......I cut up a honeycrisp apple (small chunks like a potatoe) and right in the pot!! OMG......awesome is the only word that comes to mind!! Too bad those honeycrisps aren't around much longer!! I will be freezing a lot of this batch for sure! A nice sweetness!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Well, you should post the recipe on your blog....seems like you made a recipe of your own....see how easy that was?

Pork is the "bomb"! I mean what's not yum-my about pork? I made another batch of meatballs tonight with 2lbs of ground pork...double the recipe, double the fun!

Oh, and the Honeycrisp in the soup....hmmnn...what can be the name of your soup recipe? I'm going to try it based on your recommendation.

Apple, Jalapeno, Pork Soup


Ground Pork, Jalapeno w/Apple Soup

Or the gourmet version...

Seasonal Minnesota Honeycrisp Apple, Spicy Green Jalapeno Pepper, and Pork Soup!

Diana said...

I like the seasonal gourmet name!
Pork is great and I've always simmered my pork chops in cut up apples, so putting them into the soup with the pork just seemed like the right thing to do!
Hope you like it. Maybe I will post it on my blog, I've never done much about food on there.

Tracy Reifkind said...


The very first thing I cooked in my PC was a recipe from Fawn. Pork shoulder, beans, apples, onions, beets. So even after Honeycrisps are gone, try other types of apples.

She used some apple cider in it too, I forgot how good that one was!

Diana said...

What kind of beans did you put in with that roast?
I always use apples with pork-my next favorite after the honeycrisp are gone are the granny smith. Nice and tart. Being a huge fan of candy, ANY kind of candy, it's no surprise my favorite apples are those 2 kinds. One the sweetest and one the sour-ist! Is that even a word? Oh well. Midwest accent!
I use apple juice-is there a big difference between juice and cider?
Not a big fan of either for drinking, but for cooking-just wondering.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Fawn used a simple reddish bean, not sure exactly what though. Persoanlly I use all kinds of beans, but I like pintos with pork.

There is a difference between cider and juice...what is it? I don't know, but if Fawn uses cider, then I use cider!