Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tempe AZ HKC

Mark and I just got home from paradise! What's paradise? Tempe, Arizona in late Oct....oh, about what? 84 degrees! Goodness....this afternoon we got off the plane, back home in California, at 1:00pm to a cold, chilly, pre rainstorm 66 degrees..... I really hope to see a Fall RKC sometime in the future in this great state, and convenient, if not destinational, location in the Southwest.

Keats and Tammy Snideman were gracious enough to host me and Mark in their beautiful as well as comfortable home, along with their two handsome, well behaved, energized young boys, Aiden and Soren. (Aiden future soccer and ping pong champion, and Soren, a incredibley intense and talented, not to mention dramatic, artistic genius) Keats Sneideman is Franz Snideman's twin brother and is the Kettlebell expert in Arizona. This is the 2nd HKC we've done at Keats' Reality Based Fitness Personal Training Studio, and although small, like the first, I hope it will help to establish Keats, and his business, as the "go to" place for Kettlebell Certifications as well as kettlebell instruction.

I never tire of listening and watching Mark teach, and I always learn how to become a better teacher and Instructor by assisiting at these Certs. Lucky me. I also got a chance to take the HKC candidates through a workout that will be a part of an upcoming video, in addition to teaching the roundabout, followed by a mini roundabout ladder workout.

Next? Goodness, I'm so backed up on video request, new video projects, emails, blogposts....oh and I'm freakin' excited about a new style of yoga I started training 2 weeks ago...what? No over-training Bikrams anymore? Nope, no more Bikram Binges!

So much great stuff happening. Life is good.


Clara Belle said...

I hope it's Ashtanga! Thanks for being a role model, Tracy!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Clara Belle,

It's not Ashtanga, but it doesn't matter! What matters is that I'm exploring other options and I will eventually include Ashtanga!

I hope to write a blogpost soon about my yoga aventures....exploring my weaknesses......

If Ashtanga is "your thing" then consider your weaknesses also....maybe Bikram's, lol!

Diana said...

I have not attended a yoga class since before the RKC back in June! UGH, my body totally knows it and is not happy!
That's just the least of my problems though......

Tracy Reifkind said...


"the least of my problems"

I hear you girlfriend! I'm dying with my new workout schedule I hope to have the motivation to write about soon....doing things I'm not good at sucks, big time!

I asked myself in yoga (new yoga) this afternoon...."How am I ever going to get better at this? How am I ever going to get good at this? Keep coming....keep coming....keep coming...."

Consistenty trumps intensity (Rif)

Diana said...

It's a fine line, however, though when you know you suck at something and you're trying to get better at it, but since you suck at it in the first place you don't even "want" to do it.
I'm just glad that I have 4 kinds of things I really, really like to do. I can switch from one day doing a bike, to another day swinging my ass off, to yet another day running. Well the running is on hold for 4 weeks, but that's a whole other story. Or if all those fail, I can head on over to the pool and let my true Pisces shine!
I can't even imagine what your schedule looks like these days.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I guess saying that I was "dying" with my new workout schedule was a bit misleading....I'm training LESS, and it's killin' me! That's what I meant, lol

I've backed off of Bikrams yoga big time, and I've stopped teaching kb's about 4-6 classes less, which equals 2-3 hours a week of training I used to do.

I had to cut back on the binge training, it wasn't getting me anywhere.