Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday DBL's

two 12kg's

30 sec work/rest intervals

10 sets of 7 reps
dbl cl/dbl strict press (10 min.)
dbl cl/push press (10 min)

15 sec work/rest intervals

10 sets of 7 reps
dbl cleans (5 minutes)

back to 30 sec work/rest intervals

10 sets
10/10 dbl / 2 hd KB Split (10 min.)
1 sw, gblt sq x 4 (10 min)

Total workout 45 minutes

In the first 10 sets I did a dbl clean before each strict press (long cycle). I was able to get all of my last press without pushpressing the bells. (69 strict dbl pr + 1 pu pr)

The next 10 sets were done the same way, with a clean before each push press. (70 pu pr + 1 from the last set)

The next 10 sets were only 15 sec work/rest because it was only the dbl clean. We were able to dbl clean 7 reps in that amount of time.

Back to swings, and 30 sec intervals...10 sets of 20 rep Kettlebell Split. (200 swings)

I ended the workout with one bell instead of dbls for squats, so I had to implement the goblet squat. The biceps of the person I was training with were toast from all of the dbl cleans we had already done....therefore not making the dbl/cl sq possible. Although now that I think about it, I could have done them.

45 minutes is a relatively short workout for me, but it's become about standard for Thursday DBL's.....I still have 2 more 30 minute beginners classes to teach addition to my pullup and Level 2 skills I practice later in the day with Mark @ Girya.

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