Monday, August 2, 2010

No Time to Blog

I'm just one day home from our St Paul trip where I was supposed to assist and Mark teach at a national HKC. But DD had a much smaller turnout than expected, and instead? Well, I co-taught Fawn's Saturday KB class, at Athlete's Lab, walked around her neighborhood lake, managed 2 Bikram practices, but the best part was hanging out with my BFF Fawn. We caught up on tons of stuff we didn't have time for a couple of weeks ago, and it still didn't seem like enough!

Mark? Well he still had to work! Mark, all of the Master & Senior Instructors had meetings for two days to talk about the future vision of the RKC.

Now were are barely home for 2 days and we're off to Budapest Hungary for the largest (so far) International RKC! How do the Hungarians say "hello"? "Hello"? I guess I should have at least found that out....yikes

I still have some comments I want to respond to and I hope to post tomorrows workout. My biggest challenge is to not overpack! Too much Lululemon, not enough time....
PS I always bring Fawn a matching top, jacket, or something from Lululemon for letting Mark and I stay with her and Aaron. Am I corny or what? Someone at Level 2 actually asked if Fawn and I were sisters! I said we were twins seperated at birth, lol


Anonymous said...
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fawn said...

I had so much fun while you two were here visiting! You are right, it is never enough time. I am so glad we got more hang time, and everyone in my class loved you! Have fun in Hungry!