Monday, August 16, 2010

PS Freeze Your Nuts!

Put your nuts in the freezer...seriously. I've got local walnuts in my freezer at home, and Mark has raw almonds in the freezer at Girya.....frozen nuts...they're a good thing!

Speaking of good things.....

Wine, cheese and nuts.....these are the only things that inspire me to keep blogging..


Papucs orrán Pamutbojt said...

Hey, Jalapeno Girl,
What about us in Hungary?
If you don't keep blogging (time permitting of course), we DO cry, Ma'am :-)

Aniko the Cheese :-D

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sorry! It's not JUST the wine, cheese and nuts.....meeting people like you, either via email, blog or in person is the inspiration. You got me to swing the beast afterall!

I'm coming back to Hungary, RKC or no RKC! Mark and I had a great time!

Papucs orrán Pamutbojt said...

your coming back to Hungary is VERY VERY good idea !!!!!!
tommorrow? :-) I almost can't wait :-)