Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Good to Be Back

I did not train nearly as much as I wanted to during our trip to the Hungarian RKC....surprise, surprise. Usually I would make it a priority, but I decided that this trip was not about me, Instead of obsessing about working out and spending my whole lunch hours swinging, snatching and pressing, instead I relaxed a bit and tried not to worry...."tried"....

The first day, as I mentioned, I managed a short 25 minute "100" workout with the 12 & 16kg. The second day I only managed to walk 1 mile (4x around the track you see pictured right), holding a 12kg in a "waiters", "rack" and "farmers" walk position. I was inspired to do this as all of the RKC participants were required each day to bring out all bells from the gym to the tent, and back again at the end of the day.....and we're talking some heavy freakin' bells....and alot of them too! I also helped returning bells to the gym every night, taking only 4-5 bells, mostly 16kg's. I say "only" because it was hard! And I wasn't nearly as hardcore as my least not this weekend!

(I had taken a small bell to our hotel to practice Get-ups Saturday morning, but overslept...yikes!)

Monday was our only day to enjoy the sights and shopping in Budapest, so no training. Tuesday was our trip home....salty airport and airline foods.....a boring 10 hours +....what to do but eat? (Shrek was a cute little movie, wasn't it?)

Good Lord! We left Hungary at 7:00am Tuesday, and arrived home at 12noon the same day (9:00pm Hungary time). I crashed at 3:30pm and there I lay until Wednesday morning around 3:30am. Time to jump back into the deep end....thank God!

6:00am Spin. 7-7:45am Get-ups, negative pull-up,and hanging leg raise training. 9:30am Bikram yoga. 7 days since my last double class the previous Wednrsday, the day we left! I haven't taken that much time from my Bikram practice since my surgery almost 3 years ago.

OK, so this morning, Thursday, is the first time I get back to teaching.....ouch! I'm sore as crap in my lower "Dear Abbies" (a term Pavel uses to describe his abs...can you tell we spent alot of time with him? And Adrea DuCane btw, lucky me)....and my glutes were screaming from the lunges in the Get-ups.

Thursday is a doubles workout followed by at least two more Swing classes. Inspired to train doubles a bit heavier, my body was not in agreement! So I stuck with the 12's! Double swings, strict press, push presses, see-saw presses, all with an emphasis on the negative reps, along with double cleans, squats, and double bottoms ups.....It's good to be back!

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