Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Batch this Summer

I bought 20 lbs of tomatoes on Friday and I let them ripen just a bit more before I mad my first batch of tomato soup this afternoon (of course I added jalapenos!) I roasted about 1/3 of them on Sat. night, leaving me with, still, enough to make another 4 quarts of soup in a few days from now. I'll pick up another 20 lbs, or so, this Friday and repeat the process every week until my freezer is loaded with soup, sauce and roasted tomatoes. This is one part of my hoarding tendencies to still have a hold on me.....high quality problem, huh?

I've been eating tomato salads every day with nothing but red vinegar to dress it with as I sometimes use other grilled veggies that already have olive oil on them. I was inspired to poach some quail eggs in rememberance of a salad I ate at the Hotel Sofitel, in Budapest, to top my dinner salad last night.

A pot of black beans early this morning in the PC and I was wishing I had a pkg of tortillas in the house for a lunchtime burrito of tomatoes, grilled squach, grilled corn, and chicken....Cojito cheese would have been a bonus!

I also used my PC to poach a whole chicken and then make stock out of the bones for last weeks summer squash (jalapeno) soup, and all of the tomato soup and sauce this week.

Mmm, mmm good! Life, that is.


Beth said...

I just ordered a Fagor PC and I am so excited to begin using it! Thank you for the inspiration and good example!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I love my pressure cooker.

I wish I had more energy to blog-post more food and recipes.....

All of my foods are closest to raw, or pressure cooked! Fast and easy is the name of the game.

I know it's summer, but here in CA it seems as if we skipped over Spring, and Summer makes an appearance evey so often....weird....

I'm so busy teaching and coaching these days that simplicity rules. Fresh foods are easy.