Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reverse Engineering, and how to apply that to having, no, feeling, the body you want to have.

One of the concepts I love about the RKC philosophy is "reverse engineering". They use the best examples of what the strongest and most coordinated people do naturally and decipher it for the average person. Giving the average person the corrections to approximate those skills for themselves.

In other words the philosophy is to start from the "end point" and work backwards.

The end point for me? Feeling light, feeling thin, feeling capable, feeling strong, feeling good about myself and what I do. Whatever it is that you want to feel, start there, and work backwards....start there, and work backwards!

Great! I feel light. Great! I feel thin. Great! I feel strong and capable. Wow! I like how I feel, and I like how I look.....funny how that happens.

Today I wanted to weigh myself. Good God I'm 47 years I want to do this the rest of my life? I wanted to weigh myself because I was feeling so good I thought that the scale would have to reflect how good I was feeling by showing me a # I associate with feeling so good! (does this make sense?) But I knew that if the # wasn't right, or good enough I would feel like crap. Why would I do that to myself? Is this one of the by-products of living in this American culture? So consumed by bodyweight.....

So, I decided NOT to weigh myself. Today I got a bit smarter than that darn scale.

Reverse engineering.....I'm already where I want to be. Light, small, strong, capable, smart, lucky, etc.

Life is great, and my precious Sophie turns 1 year old Sept. 2nd! Tomorrow I'll take her shopping for her 1st birthday dress....does it matter how much I weigh? Sophie is perfect and so am I. (so is her mother too!)


Beth said...

Love the pics of Sophie! She is so cute. Hard to believe that she is already a year old!

It is hard to not be ruled by the number on the scale when it has already ruled our (people with weight issues) lives from birth.

Good for you for shunning the scale today.

Diana said...

Amazing how fast time goes! Very nice pics-she's going to be sooooooo damn spoiled! Just saying!!!