Monday, February 8, 2010

What ScaresYou?

Before I start trying to write about something deeper.....

Anyone that knows me knows that I am addicted to a line of workout clothing called Lululemon. Lululemon is a Canadian clothing company that has it's roots in dance, yoga, and running....anyway.....

Lululemon is as "designer" as it comes, and with that, comes designer snobbery! lol Lululemon has, what they call, their "Manifesto" it is....

Oh brother! I'm so sick of politically correct bull****, really I am. But I won't bore anyone with very many details....let's just take one of their manifesto phrases:

"Do one thing a day that scares you"

What? I mean. I get it, sort of. The message (originally quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt, but Lulu doesn't tell you) is, to not be afraid, and, as Nike puts it, "Just do it!"

"Do one thing a day that scares you."

Just one? Whew! But how do you define what's scary?

Besides the obvious scary stuff like, talking in front of a large crowd, asking for a raise at work or firing someone, telling your mother-in-law to go to hell, deciding to move across country, bungee jumping/race car driving/parachuting/rock climbing, etc., getting a colonoscopy, getting engaged, married, or deciding to have kids, riding a rollercoaster, blah, blah, blah....

Scary to me is, trying to make a decision whether or not to eat 5 meatballs or 4....yikes, am I within my "calorie range?".......(I made some killer meatballs tonight, BTW)

Scary to me is, wondering if I am going to be able to lead a fun, challenging, safe, KB workout today? Which is why I have my new Disturbed CD is ready to play, as a prelude to listen to, as I drive to PA for my morning classes.

Scary to me is, making phone calls....for any reason, to anyone....I hate the phone.

Scary to me is, having to make the decision to put one of my cats down if they get sick enough to cost me more than the "$300 lifeline" veterinary bill that I'll give them....although I'll drop $300 at Lululemon, no problem.....OK, I admit I'm screwed

What is scary to you?

Eating "un-organic" veggies? (God forbid)

Not driving a Prius?

Wearing a bathing front of anyone but the backyard fence? (good Lord that's one of mine!)

Having your husband (or wife) open up your credit card bill?

Throw out those size 6's you used to wear....oops, that one is mine too.....

Going so long between pedicures that all of the polish has chipped off of your small toes leaving your big toe with traces of that deep purple glitter polish you thought was so cool at the time....oops, again, that one is

I asked Mark what scares him.....his first answer was "Getting out of bed in the morning", because, given his history with prior injuries he never knows what he's done the previous day, or in a previous workout, that may affect his back health from one day to another. Mark also quoted me one of his favorite phrases in relation to this subject, which is:

"Bravery is doing what scares you and not letting anyone else see's not, "not being scared", it's doing it anyhow."

What are some of the things you do everyday that scare you, but you do anyway? And what is it that you're really scared about? Showing weakness? Failure? Or maybe you're not perfect? (whoops.....again, that one's mine)

Fear.....not letting fear be the excuse. That's the lesson and the least that's my interpretation.


Jen said...

Wow Tracy, as I think about things that I'm scared of, it's a lot of the small things in life that scare me. I get scared of having a catastrophic illness (again), if I'm going to stay the size I am forever. I'm even scared that I won't sleep when I go to bed at night (since that one comes true a lot)...I'm lost without enough sleep. I'm afraid of the phone too, which is weird because I used to love it!

I've been scared of most things... it's pretty paralyzing but I'm always happy when I push through.

Diana said...

I am, honest to God, more afraid of snakes than I am of knowing the fact that I will die one day.

What else?
Let's see.....what scared me the most was when I had to drive to the hospital, as my Mom was dying, to be with her for the very last time. Then having to go home and live on without her.

I am afraid that I may forget just how precious "tomorrow" is. It's never guaranteed.

I'm afraid of something happening to my son, anything. Getting picked up by some creep at school, getting sick, getting kidnapped, etc.....

I'm afraid when I find myself wasting too much energy worrying over things I have no control over.

I'm afraid that I'll "freak out" over the RKC like I did the HKC.

I'm too old to worry about what I look like in front of a crowd with a bathing suit on......shit, I never would have completed a triathlon if that were the case!

I'm to much of a "American snob" to even think of driving anything made by Toyota!

IsaEricShaw said...

Fatherhood scares the life out of me. I have six kids that range from 20 years old to 7 months old. Nothing freaks me out more than the idea that I am responsible for the care and feeding of another human being. I pray every day that I'm not screwing them up somehow.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Really? You've been scared of most things? Wow, that suprises me.

I don't know anyone else that seems so "on top of things"....goodness...if I needed help getting something done you're the first person I'd ask!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I guess I should have defined bathing suit as "bikini", lol!

So maybe driving a Prius would be scary to you, lol! Those damn things have invaded our area!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Well, if you can't do something everyday that scares you, you certainly have done 6 things that scare you!

Parenthood should be scary!

Jen said...

Yes it's true.. I'm a scardy cat, but I'm also a survivor and so I do what I must to get things done (even if it's scary).

After getting sick and almost dying was when it really started getting bad. Some people gain strength from those kinds of life events, but for some reason I've felt like someone's out to get me. It's crazy, I know, but it's been a feeling for me that has been hard to shake...go figure!

I can still get things done, but I'm scared at the same time! Silly me!