Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Here!

Mark and I just got home from the San Jose RKC set up, as it's the day before the first day of the RKC. Mark tested his Team Assistants on their strength test (snatches), and KB technique. I got a chance to look over the assigned teams and recognized many names, including Meg's of course, who ended up on the same team as Alyssa C (Alyssa attended Girya's first HKC and works at Equinox....both Meg and Alyssa took Jordans RKC prep course a few weeks ago, and he posted their snatch test on You Tube).

Watching everyone test the Snatch only made me more anxious than ever....I just can't wait for the whole thing to start tomorrow. I'm not worried about passing, I just want to do it well! I didn't see any woman take more than barely over 4 minutes to complete it! I've been trying to shave down my calloused hands, but who knows what they'll feel like when I get them on that 16kg tomorrow. I haven't touched a kettlebell since Tuesday, but I did manage to get my 6 Bikram classess and 2 Spin classes in this week (one of each this morning).

It's 5:15pm, ususally the time I'm finishing dinner and my "next to last" glass of wine, but Mark and I have to head out in about 1 1/2 hours to the Meet and Greet at the SJ Marriott.....if I get up extra early I may have more pictures! If not....I'll see you all in about 3 days from now, lol!


mslloyd said...

Thought you might post something this afternoon and you didn't disappoint. Being in the same team as Alyssa is a bit intimidating but I suppose everyone at RKC will be "mentally tough".

More importantly, however, nice shoes!

See you tomorrow.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Meg....I didn't think you would see this until you found out on your own tonight at the Meet and Greet! All I can say? You are going to be one challenged, mentally tough, seriously motivated, sore ass woman on Monday! LOL!

I love my new Camo Converse!

See you tomorrow? Not Meet and Greet tonight?

PS not only are you on the same team as Melissa, but your Team Leader is Mike "adopted" son! Mark and I have known him since he was about 16?. (We owned World Gym Campbell at the time and he lived across the street and became a member....long story, but interesting....) He knew me when I was fat, skinny, fat again, skinny again, LOL! He used to babysit Gabriel for us.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Meg....whoops....I transposed your name and Alyssa's LOL (Melissa!)

Jen said...

Have fun! I know it'll be a great time and you're gonna rock the RKC!

Can't wait to hear the inside stories :)

xoxo Jen