Sunday, February 28, 2010

Real Quick.......

Mark and I have been at the Level 2 RKC all weekend....well he's been, I on the other hand, have been juggling listening and watching teaching lectures with running around trying to get to yoga classes, lol.....but here are some pictures from last night's dinner. (and proof I wore high heels for the 2nd time this month!)

At our dinner table was Dan John, (me), Asha Wagner, Cecilia Tom, and Cindy Glass

Andrea DuCane and I both love the color yellow....I want her sweater!

One of the hardest working ladies at any RKC, Jane Armstrong (Denny's mom)

I've got to run off to teach KB classes this morning, and then I'll spend the remainder of the day back at the Cert. (I've got to go swing that pint of Ben and Jerry's, Chubby Hubby,'ll be worth it though!)


Iron Tamer said...

Great pics, wish I was there.

Tina said...

Chubby Hubby is my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor. It is very difficult to find in my area which is a very very good thing.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Mark and I had a great time....yep, it's true, Mark had a great time too, lol!

We'll see you soon for the workshop here, on May 2nd.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Chubby Hubby is also hard to find here , I just lucked out. It was a good batch too! Every spoonfull had a ton of chocolate, pretzel (salty goodness) and PNB....almost too much stuff.....NOT! lol

I was telling Nikki S at the Level ll the next day about it....and the fact that I hadn't eaten a whole pint of ice cream in a very long time....not that I don't eat a bunch of other crap, lol (Nikki got the rest of the lowdown about what preceeded the pint....that was just the last treat of the night!)