Thursday, February 18, 2010

My first Chance to Wear High Heels This Month!

Here's proof....high heels once, so far this month.....wedges count as high heels when they are at least 3 inches high!

I had a great time at the Meet and Greet tonight. I tried to make a point of meeting new people by introducing myself, and introducing as many people that I knew, to each other.

One of the highlights was meeting one of my fellow teammates, Leslie Barron......from Alberta, Canada! Yep, you know what that means don't you? I now have my own persoanl Lululemon, Canada Shopper, lol! just kidding....kinda.... Anyway, she already knew who I was because she has read my blog! Leslie herself has lost 75lbs, and is now earning her RKC! Isn't it great? Any bets on how sick of me she'll be by the end of the weekend? lol

See ya later.....I've got a date with the 16kg first thing in the morning!

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