Friday, August 7, 2009

New Gear

Normally I love, love, love new training gear, but sometimes new stuff gives away the fact that you, yourself, are a "newbie".....sometimes that bothers me! I never get intimidated to try something new, and let the instructor know that I've never done it before so they can show me how to do an exercise, or how to use a new peice of equipment.
That's exactly what I did at my first Spinning class.....I flagged down the instructor, let him know that it was my first time, and he showed me how to adjust the bike, how to change the tension, as well as pointing out someone else in class to me that had good form and suggested I watch her.
So not wanting to invest is "special" shoes for Spinning, until I was sure I liked it enough to attend regularly, I've been using the side of the pedal that has cages for my regular shoes.....I guess that gives it away that I'm new, lol..... Good Lord, the last time I had been on a bike, cages were the only thing available! Not the fancy, smancy, click-in cycling shoes that are standard these days....I don't even know how they work! I guess I'll have to ask, lol. (Mark bought me a road bike when we first met and we used to ride together pretty regularly, until I was almost run over by a that point I never got on a bike again. That was....goodness....20 years ago!)
Anyway, here are my new Spinning shoes! Mark bought them for me as a birthday present (I did mention that it was my birthday, didn't I?....OK, enough is enough, lol), along with a heartrate moniter and a couple of other very nice gifts (one of my gifts came in a small blue box....wink, wink). I can't wait to break them in and wear some of the newness off!

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