Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Max 36/36 week #3 (workout 2)

Let's see....I started out Tuesday with 1 hour Spinning, then did 30 minutes of "light" swings with my 7:00am swing class, came home to feed the rugrats, flew out the door to 9:15 Bikram.....and then, Max with Mark!

I don't even bother to warm up more than a couple of swing/snatch combination sets because I use the first few sets of Max as a warm up, (it is afterall a "bonus" workout, lol). By the time 12 noon comes around (we get up around 4am) I just want to get out there and start....the sooner we start the sooner we finish!

Max w/12kg

20/20 x 14

24 sets total (Mark did 25)
30 minutes
450 snatches

Last week I used the 14kg for this workout, but since I had snatched the 16kg so much a few days ago AND I'm thinking that maybe I'll start my Saturday workout, because I'll be at the SD RKC, with the RKC snatch test (100 snatches w/16kg in 5 minutes).....this morning I'm saying "maybe", lol because I'm feeling a little beat......I decided to use the 12kg, but ladder up to 20 reps per 36 seconds and stay at that speed until the end.

Meg and I had worked up to 20 reps per 36 seconds on Saturday and as long as I don't 'short' the snatches then I need to get those reps up to increase my heartrate appropriately. Besides that, when I do the right # of reps, I dread every set, and I start contemplating whether or not to keep pace until the end, or to drop down to a slower pace.....which is rare because at that point it becomes a mental challenge as well as a physical one!

I'm off to Bikram this KB's today!


Diana said...

We need updated pics of the "rugrats" please!!

Tracy Reifkind said...

I was just thinking that! It's amazing every single day how much they mature! Nilly actually started eating solid food on his own! He walkedup to the food bowl, walked in and started munching....I heard the munching, and was shocked it was him!

I was having some trouble getting to my pictures, and that trouble was enough to inerrupt the flow....I'll post a picture before Mark and I leave tomorrow, beause who knows how much they'll change in the 3 days we'll be gone!