Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Max 36/36 week #2 (workout #2)

I'm lucky enough to train Max Vo2 twice a most people might think that's boring, but I'm not most people.....

I train KB's with Mark on either Tues., or Wed. afternoons (I dread afternoon workouts) and he hates it that I consider this workout as a "bonus", but since I train with my classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at least 60+ minutes.....or should I say my classes train with me, lol......this 4th KB workout of the week is usually only about 30 minutes long, and let me tell you I rarely spend 1 minute longer! Even though Mark gives me the option of just hanging out with him while he workouts out I would rarely, if ever, do that because my first commitment, before I started teaching classes, was to train with him.....and we all know a good training partner is hard to find! But, I do get to play around with ladder and/or different KB exercise movement combinations based on Max interval ratios, because, afterall, it's a "bonus" workout, lol

Max ladder 36/36
22 sets



repeat these 10 sets w/ 14kg

and add last, 2 sets of 12/12

160 snatches w/12kg
184 snatches w/14kg

This doesn't include a few warmup snatches, but then I've got a class tomorrow morning before spinning, and then Bikram. Today I only did a 7:15am Bikram yoga class and passed on any other exercise (blogpost to come.....). Yesterday I went to 6:00am spin, swung with a beginning class for about 20 minutes, and passed on yoga! Yikes, things are a changin'......


fawn said...

We have 14kg and 10kg at The Press now. Can't wait to see you! Oh, remember Cathy (ran in place for exercise) she snatches the 6kg now and loves swings.

Tracy Reifkind said...


OMG "Running in place Woman" LOL! How could I forget! You must be one hellava trainer to get that woman to snatch! Good for her (and you!)