Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Max Vo2 One Year Later

Here's the video of me and two of the women training for the SSST in about 8 weeks, Meg and Gen. I've got us training Max Vo2 in preparation of that and this was the last of the 15 sec work to rest ratio ending with 80 sets....that's 40 straight minutes of training the snatch!

Last year I completed 80 sets of 8 reps w/12kg when I was at the LA Cert, so this year I needed to outdo what I did a year ago! I thought I might do 80 sets of 9 reps w/12kg, or 80 sets of 8 w/ true "Tracy Style" I combined both!

All of my Max was done with the 14kg, Meg did the same numbers but with the 12kg and Gen used the 12kg also, but with one less rep per set. Thank you to Chris Gaines RKC for taking the video.

Tracy's Max w/ 14kg, Meg's w/12kg (Gen's sets w/ 12kg typed in match her top, lol!)

8 x 8 sets (4 L, 4 R) 7 x 8
9 x 2 sets (1 L, 1 R) 8 x 2

8 x 6 sets (3 L, 3 R) 7 x 6
9 x 4 sets (2 L, 2 R) 8 x 4

8 x 4 sets (2 L, 2 R) 7 x 4
9 x 6 sets (3 L, 3R) 8 x 6

8 x 2 sets (1 L, 1 R) 7 x 2
9 x 8 sets (4 L, 4 R) 8 x 2


That's 680 snatches with the 14kg in 40 minutes.....that was after teaching an hour of beg/Intermediate Swing classes @ Girya a 1/2 hour earlier that morning!

The one thing that I'll change after reviewing the video is this..... Althought Meg and I can snatch 9 reps in the 15 seconds, as you can see when you snatch that fast it looks as if the snatches are short....and they may be, but what it feels like and what it looks like are two different things! As soon as you feel that bell turn over at the top you have to pull it down, fast, and start the next rep....fine for Max training, but not for testing the 10 minute challenge. Gen also had the same form when she did 8"s. So......this week we start 36 second intervals, 17-19 reps per shorting! (Do you hear that Meg and Gen! lol)

Here's the video of me doing 80 sets of 8 with the 12 kg last year at UCLA

PS Did I mention that today is my birthday


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great one!

Gen said...

Woot! Happy birthday Tracy!!

JenG said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Diana said...

Have a great Birthday! Maybe take the day off??!!!! Yah, I didn't either!
Lovin' those for a husband?????

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks for the Happy B-day's....I'm holding on to it until this Sat. night!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Take the day off? Yeah right! It's MY birthday, not Mark's, lol!

I did my "melon walk" (explanation coming), and a Bikram class.....I think that's it! Wednesday is a light day for me anyway because Tuesday was Spin 60min., KB's 30 min., Bikram 90 min., and Max traing with Mark @ 1:00pm....only and additional 30 is Thursday and I started the day out with about 1 1/2 hour hard KB's, Spin 45 min (I cut out on class early to have coffee with my sweetie, and then a 12noon Bikram! Good Lord is this normal for a 46 year old woman?

Diana said...

Tracy...being "normal" is way over rated!