Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Max 36/36 week #2

I could have skipped my workout completely this weekend because of a 2 day trip to the East Coast I had to cancel Saturdays classes, but.....I rescheduled for Sunday knowing I couldn't miss my Max training.....afterall I've got a snatch test to re-do in a few weeks.

2-3 minutes swing/snatch warm up w/12kg

16kg Snatch
5/5 x 7 = 70 snatches

12 kg 36 sec work/rest
18 reps x 25 sets = 450 snatches

Gen was out of town on sunday, but took a 12kg & 16kg with, and did her 36/36 Max on her own (well, with her boyfriend Chris.....he used the 16kg), so it was only me and Meg. After our snatch workout I invited Meg to stay for the next class, which is the Intermediate Swing Class and I don't remember what all we did, but there were some heavy-ass swings done by all.....I think I swung the 20kg for most of the 25-30 minutes. All swing sets were short (15/15) but heavy.

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