Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Breadatarian" or "Dead"-atarian

Recently I've found some new motivation to blog more often, but an unexpected trip to the East Coast, with Mark and my youngest son Gabe, left me crazy busy getting ready to leave 2 kittens, 5 cats...(one of which is on a diet), and the stress of making sure we all had everything we needed, as well as the stress of knowing we would spend half of the 48+hours we would be gone sitting in some sort of transportation....plane or about getting stiff (not to mention the challenge of not getting too dehydrated.....I wasn't sucessful at that one.)

It's easy for me to plan food for any trips I spend away from home, taking frozen soups, shredded salads, cooked oatmeal, fiber, cream and other comforts of my diet, checked on board in a cooler and then transferred to a hotel fridge, but this time I decided to not take anything pre-prepared with me....on purpose! I decided it was time for me to try to relax and trust myself to make the best choices possible.....but that's a different blogpost, this one is about how other people eat.....not me! So........

On this trip we were with Marks family, most of who claim to be vegetartian. Vegetartian, hmmnn..... It's interesting to me when I meet vegetarians that don't cook, OR prepare most of their own meals. Vegetarian, to me, means a person that bases their meals around....hmmnn....I'm guessing....vegetables? Not just a person that doesn't eat meat! Eating a diet based on vegetables requires, last time I checked, quite a bit of food prep, I didn't say time consuming, because that's relative, but in my opinion it does require "hands on" control of your least it should.

I always find myself "spying" on the food choices other people make, especially "skinny" people...but, again, that's another blogpost, but.......what I find is how very few people eat healthy, in a nutritious way, even vegetarians, especially vegetarians that don't cook their own meals! Goodness, this is such a huge subject (many blogposts, lol), but here's a conversation I had with a "vegetarian" nephew about my's the scenario:

We're sitting around a table in the dining room of the Residence Inn during the "Breakfast Buffet". At this buffet they had many food choices, one of which was "fresh" waffles....what are "fresh" waffles? Well, they had "freshly made waffle batter" to which you, yourself, could cook on their waffle maker....voila, "fresh waffles!" They also offered fresh fuit, like bananas, apples, oranges, and some fruit salad made of pear, papaya, pineapple, peaches and bananas, along with many other foods like the usual sausage, eggs, pancakes, potatoes, breads, donuts, pastries, cereals, oatmeal, yogurts, with all the "fixins'", syrups, butters, jams, jellies, honey, PNB (!), etc.....

Nephew: "Did you eat alot of fast food when you were fat?" (in other words, he was asking if this is what made me fat?)

Me: "Of course! I loved fast food! But it wasn't just fast food, it was lots and lots of food! I love to eat....alot of food!"

Nephew: "Oh, well I don't eat fast food!"

I looked at him as if he was crazy and then asked him if he ever purchased a bagel for a meal, OR what he considered the "fresh" waffle he was eating as? (with syrup and sliced banana)

Nephew (getting my point very quickly): "Oh, then I guess I do! I never looked at it that way!"

Me: "I consider a granola bar 'fast food', I consider anything prepackaged, and all you do is open it as 'fast food', or anything you don't make yourself, from scratch. What do you think the difference is between the waffle you just "made" yourself, and a waffle you could drive through and purchase at McDonald's is? The waffle you just ate was made with "waffle mix" the kitchen simply made by adding water to. It is processed flours, hydrogenated fats, and probably some sugars as well as who knows what else. AND you chose a banana, instead of papaya, pear, peach or apple to top it with.....I don't consider a banana as a fruit I consider it as a a potato!"

Nephew: "Oh my gosh! I eat like crap! I don't make anything's too much trouble, and besides, I don't know how! I've been wanting to become more healthy (because I know I'm not!), where do I start?"

This, of course, created a much longer conversation, but again, that's a different blogpost.....

What I noticed about spending a couple of days with vegetarians was the consumption of breads, bagels, and cereals, spreads, like cream cheese, hummus, not to mention the granola bars, pastries and donuts (yes, even a couple of "Weight Watcher's" brownies! good Lord).....a few carrot and celery sticks, but mostly breads.....(Oh and Red Bull, lol) Mark said to our son Gabe.....and I love this...."Bread is not a meal! It's eaten with a meal" I don't eat alot of bread myself, but when I do, I go crazy! I don't chose bread because I have so many other food choices, bread is not a priority, but when I eat "out" bread is usually so abundant it's hard not to indulge....especially when it's "free", lol! There's nothing wrong with bread, just like there's nothing wrong with any kind of food, it's how you eat it that can create a problem.

I always tell people that I eat more vegetables than most vegetarians (because I eat more food than most know, it's that "overeating thing"), but seriously, vegetarism should be about vegetation, shouldn't it? Vegetation is alive (until we kill it and eat of course, lol), but it comes from the earth....the living, breathing earth. How could you not feel full of life and breath by eating these live foods? How would you feel eating a diet based on bread? I know how I would feel.....maybe not "dead", but certainly constipated, lol!

Are you a "Breadatarian"? Or in my opinion a "Dead"atarian"?

This trip inspired so much I'd like to write about, but for now I've got to get to my Sunday KB classes......and maybe yoga later today.....2 days no workouts.....another blogpost subject? For sure!


Mark Reifkind said...


this is exactly why most 'vegetarians' are fat. Living on bread, nachos and cheese is not what being vegetarian should should be (imho) about, as you said- vegetation.
and, as you also said, vegetables are ALIVE, until we kill them and eat them; that's their greatest gift and sacrifce to us and why seasonal,local and fresh live food is so critical to health.
the great Joseph Campbell wrote that "vegetarianism is the first turning away from life. Life lives on life. Vegetable are alive, they just don't make as much noise when you kill them"
great post.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people I know need to read this. I don't eat meat. I also don't eat much in the way of processed food. But I know so many vegetarians who do.

I always say, "You can live on Diet Coke and Twinkies and call yourself a vegetarian." Of course I don't know any vegetarians who actually live on Diet Coke and Twinkies, but I know quite a few who live on pasta and bread and frozen soy-based meat substitutes. Not much healthier than the Standard American Diet, if you ask me.

A vegetarian diet should be based on vegetables. You can't get much simpler than that!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks was nice coming home to much better food......and much better company, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...


This used to be even more relavent before "fast" non meat options were available. Now, more processed vegetarian and even vegan foods are becoming popular in stores such as Whole Foods. Just like non vegetarians convenience is what most people look for, not health.

Tricia said...

Tracy, good post and so very true! I don't think people REALLY know what a true vegetarian is. I have to agree with you that your food should be fruit and veggie based and prepared simply (alive) and fresh as possible. Mark is right as well, bread is not a meal but eaten with a meal. I have had this discussion many a time with my in-laws. They claim NOT to eat bread because it makes you fat! I say bread eaten in moderation will not make you fat it's calories in, calories out, very simple that control weight. They are by the way over weight.