Friday, January 3, 2014

Finishing and Starting

As many of you know I started posting simple, quick kettlebell swing videos I call 10 x 10's out of the frustration I felt from trying to help a couple of friends I care about just get their asses up, out and swinging.  I'm pretty sure the couple /few people they were aimed at did not follow through, but that's about them, not about me.  Once I realized that it was in fact doing some good from the emails, messages and comments I received I thought I'd keep the momentum going and continue to post new ones focusing mostly on the beginning kettlebeller which is why they are all two hand swing workouts. (which is my favorite swing, by the way!)

Now that some of you have been practicing regularly, or more regularly I'll be adding another series of ten 10 x 10's incorporating one hand swings!  Yay!  But first, here is the last, the 20th, 10 x 10 video demonstrating some of the important bits of the two hand swing for you to remember before you let go of that bell handle with one of your hands!  This workout is 10 minutes long, starting each set "on the minute", but if you know you can do between 10 - 20 swing reps in that time, then by all means do more!

And why should you want to do more?  Well....let's see....there's always....


Sunday January 5th I'll be hosting The Swing Quest 2014, starting at 7:15am.  The Swing Quest is a marathon kettlebell swing event that I have yet to finish designing and promoting.  Last year we did The Swing Quest four times, once every three months, on the first of last year, and last weekend of March, June, Sept (Big Sur).  I will absolutely continue to lead and host The Swing Quest at least 4 times this year, and this Sunday will be the first event.  Here are a couple more details I sent out to my group via email:

The Swing Quest 2014 is scheduled for Sunday.  Over 2000 swing reps will start around 7:15am, and will last for almost 2 hours.  Every 30 minutes or so a new routine of 500 reps will begin so you can come and go as you please depending on your time or desire, and if you feel confident to join in, grabbing a bell and a space without taking away from any established's a long haul and it's best that once we get going we just go!

I will have a photographer/videographer for the first hour only.  I want to tape the first workout, maybe the second one, but not all of them (4).  I'd also like to get a group shot before the event starts so if you would like to be included you must be there before 7:15am.

The location is at the Studio I currently lead my morning and weekend classes at in Palo Alto,  It is an open invitation to experienced kettlebellers only at this point. That means that you are either an Instructor or you have been working with a Certified Instructor and are confident in your swing skill.   The fee for the two hour event is $40 and you must confirm attendance via email,, comment here on my blog, or Face Book message me. Space is limited.

If you want to know more you can do a blog search here for "The Swing Quest", I've written at least four other posts about it, but here is my favorite one:

My own personal 2014 New Years goals are to #1 finish all of the lovely ideas I had last year, and then #2 give myself less choices.  So technically I have no choice but to finish and organize future events for The Swing Quest as top priority this year.  Events that include beginners progressions, classes, workshops as well The Swing Quest's marathons.  Building support, and interest of a community of people that decide that strength is moving more than the weight of a kettlebell. Strength is the commitment we make to ourselves to show up consistently, no matter what we "feel" like on any given day.

Here is to our strongest year ever.  There IS a finish line, but not just one.  Let's cross a few of them together!


Dr. Goat said...

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for posting the 10x10 workouts and for sharing your insights into your own workouts and challenges. Your message of consistency is one I am keeping in mind when I want to be inconsistent and lazy. I started using the "Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing" DVD in November, and today, for the 3rd time, I did the 2nd workout all the way through with Fawn (equal work to equal rest). Woot woot! This is a big deal for me, because when I first started with the workouts after repeating the instructional video multiple times, I could not get all the way through without pausing the DVD, not even when I tried working up to equal work/equal rest.

I will continue improving on my kettlebell practice (I do not think I can call it training just yet), but now the message of consistency is most needed on my non-kettlebell days, when I do workouts using a yoga-based regimen. I do not like it very much, but it is easier on my knees than other workouts, builds strength, and increases my flexibility. That's one of the reasons that I appreciate your posts and work, because it helps me push through the stuff I do not like.

When I swing with you and Fawn on the DVD (I know it sounds corny, because it's not like I have ever met either of you), I think "They look so beautiful and strong. Maybe I am getting stronger, too." And knowing that strong people also have to put energy into their workouts and focus helps me in doing the same for mine.

Sorry to ramble, but I just wanted to join the chorus of people who have already thanked you for what you do and how much it helps them in getting healthier and better. You are awesome (like you didn't already know that).

Best regards,
R.C. Alexander

P.S. I am really looking forward to the 10x10 workouts that will have 2-handed and 1-handed swings. Yay!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Dr Goat,

First of all let's not gloss over the fact that you have a very interesting id! Okay. Well, thank you so much for commenting.

I love love love Mastering the Hardstyle Swing as much as I love my book The Swing. Both are some of the best, if not THE best values of information about this exercise/training method available, and very inexpensively I might add!

I'm so happy you mention Fawn! Fawn is my best friend and it was such a thrill to include her in this dvd! I'm actually going to share your comment with her!

Your comment comes at a great time! The next 10 x 10 will indeed include two and and one hand swings! I have no idea yet how it will turn out, but I hope to post the next series, maybe, starting tomorrow!

Dr. Goat said...

Hi again Tracy,

The id was the brainchild of a friend of mine when I joked that I wanted an anonymous-sort of screenname. It was the first thing she said and I decided, "Why not?". There you have it, the story of Dr. Goat :).

When I first became interested in learning more about kettlebell training, I got your book "The Swing", and it was and continues to be a great resource. I was worried about my form, though, and could not find an RKC instructor in my area to do a 1:1 training session with me.

That is when I looked into and ordered "Mastering the Hardstyle Swing", and found that the instructional DVD was just what I needed to help my form and complement what I learned from "The Swing".

Thanks again for what you do, and I hope Swing Quest 2014 was awesome.

Dr. Goat