Monday, January 6, 2014

Tracyrif's 10 x 10 One Hand Swings! Don't be a Scooper!

I often talk about how the two hand swing is my favorite swing!  I have a few reasons why, but the biggest reason is because it's the swing I feel the most powerful doing (and because I can apply more power I feel as if it's most responsible for changing the shape of my body).  Which is no wonder because the two hand swing allows me to use both R and L together and simultaneously.  One hand swings, either R or L require much more effort and thought to stabilize your midsection (core) and shoulders, which is a good thing.  Neither is better, just different and there are many more advantages to training both.  I'll talk more about all of these bits in my next series of "10 x 10 one hand swing practice" videos post.  10 sets of 10 swing reps takes less than 10 minutes, sometimes as little as five minutes, so understand that if I were working with a new student I would have 45 minutes to teach and practice and that's just in the first lesson.  

I almost always teach a new student to start with two hands, and in the middle of the set to release one of their hands, and simply continue on with only R or L.  The reason for this is that I feel it can be a more comfortable transition by establishing a correct and symmetrical swing groove with the two hand swing, which feels familiar and comfortable.  I do not like to tell anybody what "can go wrong" before it does, crossing fingers nothing does!  I also resist fixing problems that don't exist, which is why in this video I demonstrate and coach it as if you can learn it perfectly before I offer up any corrections.  The same will go for the next 10 x 10's. I will start out assuming all is well, and only talk and demo corrections that I've needed to help people with in the past.

10 2 hd swings x 2 sets

5 two hand swings + 5 one hand swings R (5/ + 5 R)
5 two hand swings + 5 one hand swing L (5/ + 5 L)
5/ + 5 R
5/ + 5 L
x 8 sets total

I've demonstrated how releasing the hips/glutes prematurely can cause the weight of a moving / swinging bell to jerk a person around, and in this video I offer up one more reason.  If the bell is too light (for you) you may be trying to lead and lift with your arm, forgetting that it's your hips that drive the bell, causing what is often referred to as "scooping".  There are many corrections for this, but sometimes knowing the cause will allow a person to make the correction themselves.  There is another reason for scooping and I will have another 5-10 minutes in the next video to share more information.  Enjoy, and don't be a scooper!

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James Orr said...

Hi Tracy. I've been loving your Swing program and Top 40 DVD. I'm in Fresno and would love to do an SFG workshop. Do you know which movements Mark will be teaching?