Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This mornings rush to finish, not so bad...considering AND a new 10 x 10!

Remembering that I will be getting plenty of "exercise" during my trip to Milwaukee, and "new to me" exercise like snowshoeing, which could result in a little soreness (1 hour until touchdown), I took my warm up a bit easy this morning before I left (30 minutes 14kg swings).  I knew I had a couple of GS sets to do because there would be no comp bells where I'll be staying.  I was looking forward to doing them anyway, so....

Even with the best laid plans, when you feel in a rush, the potential for being less than 100% can be at risk.  Maybe this morning was 100%, which is fine, but I do think I could have done better.

First set, 14kg 6 min (3/3) "easy pace".  Rep count was 33/32.  Slower than 12rpm which is pretty "easy"!  Too easy, but I think I was just feeling the pressure of getting the sets done and also I was a bit nervous about the snatch set I knew was coming.

I don't know why, but there seems to be a world of difference between the 14kg and the 16kg.  I'm still playing with some techniques.  Watching the last 3 minutes on my L I remember taking my time on the first dip, making sure I felt all of both feet square before coming up on my toes.  Then I thought, hmnn, I don't think this part of the jerk os supposed to be slow and deliberate, it should be explosive.  So I tried loading and getting up on my toes faster.  Still trying this and that, I guess waiting for that "ah-ha" moment...or should I say another ah-ha moment?  There are plenty of things I've figured out recently and I'm grateful for the small breakthroughs I have had.

Onto the infamous snatch set....ouch, ready?  I wasn't!  8 min 16kg snatch 22rpm.  I knew last weeks 6 min 22 rpm was good and tough, and now looking at this one I probably should have tried a 7 minute set.  Man, what you sacrifice in reps when you speed things up!

Of course I wanted to at least complete 66 reps in each of the first three minutes, but that was not to be!  Close on my L, but boy, did I crash on my R side just before 3 min.  I was desperately wanting to complete the 66 and on rep 63 that bell almost ripped out of my hand.  I had to regrip, but by that time I was done.  I eeked out a few more reps, having to swing it at least one more time, but let me tell you, it was the longest 4th minute in a while!  I thought about abandoning the set, but na!  Just couldn't do it...close though.

I barely made it over to my L, in fact technically I didn't.  I touched the floor during the transfer which pissed me off, but if I didn't quit the minute before I wasn't going to quit now.  L side was better but again, around 3 minutes, whoa!  I was 1 rep short of 22rpm at the 2.5 min mark, but again it slowed way way down.  For an 8 minuet set to NOT get 80/80 was an eye opener.  Gives me some thoughts about a few changes I need to make in my conditioning.

This is the description I wrote on the Youtube video;

75 R/78 L

I almost lost it right before 3 minutes trying to at least repeat last weeks 66 reps in 3 min (rep #57), I had to swing it once before going on. I made 63 reps in 3 minutes. From bad to worse...3 more reps, #65, lost my grip again and had to give it an extra swing. I completed 75 reps total, touching the ground on the transfer from R to L...darn it!

54 @ 2.5 min, 62 @ 3 min, slowed way down, barely being able to do another 16 reps in the last minute. Big rep sacrifice for speed. I can't wait to be ready to give it another go!

I called it a morning, hopped in the shower, threw some clothes in a backpack, some lunch together and the computer in my bag.  right now I'm over Nebraska somewhere and the next post I write will NOT be about kettlebell training....unless it's a 10 x 10! Which I NEED to post soon...in fact let me see if I can find one.....hang on!

And here it is!  I hope you have been practicing transferring from a two hand swing to a one hand swing!  Here is an "equal work to equal rest" 5/5 R, 5/5 L 10 x 10 workout....you've got 5 minutes, don't you?

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