Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday GS practice

I had two 14kg jerk sets to complete this morning and one 16kg snatch set.  I was supposed to drive to Juno this afternoon and do my practice there, but one of our training partners cancelled last minute and so I decided to train with the other girls first thing (7:00am), then with my Intermediate class so I can rest up for The Swing Quest in the morning (super excited about that one, by the way!)

I know that one day I'm going to walk into the gym and my jerks are going to just fly up!  In fact I really thought today would be the day...but it looks as if I'll have to look forward to my next workout for that to happen!  And it's got to because I'm going to keep showing up, so there!

Two 6 minutes sets with a 3 min rest between at 14 rpm (42/42). The results were 42/33 first set, very disappointing in a lot of ways.  First of all I just could not wrap my head around 14 rpm, wth?  I know I started off fast, but with no one coaching or counting my first goal was to complete the 6 min set.  It was an accident I actually did 42 jerks on my R side.  The L?  Well, history keeps repeating itself.....until it doesn't anymore, but today it did.

Three minutes to "rest", and my strategy for the second set was to not spend so much time overhead in the lockout, especially on my L.  Surprisingly I dropped the bell out of the rack on my R side 2.5 minutes into the set, and I thought about switching, but I just swung it a couple of times, re-cleaned it and went on to finish the 3 minutes before jerking L.  After that little fail on my R I was more motivated to complete the 3 minutes L no matter what the rep count was.  Focus instead on the bits and pieces of the movement. (35 R/ 31 L, with a re-clean on my R)  One more thing...I've been having to handle some outer forearm pain from the bell's resting position, especially on my R side.  Back to the drawing board.

My snatch set was...well I want to say BRILLIANT!  And it was perfectly fine.  6 min, 60/60 (20rpm) was the prescribed pace and I completed it exactly right.  It didn't feel that hard, except for the mucus in my throat that was blocking the air into my lungs!  About 1 minute L I had to make a decision; try and clear my throat so I could breath easier BUT waste energy and oxygen trying, or leave it and suffer in a different way....I decided to try and cough it up!  Yep.   Waste of energy and it didn't make it that much better.

Looking back two weeks ago when I completed a 5 min 16kg snatch set 56/59, five reps short and 1 minute faster just goes to show you how snatching faster sometimes is easier!  Less time in the overhead hold, and I find that my natural pace is probably closer to 21-22 rpm, which means I don't have to spend energy purposely slowing down....oh...but wait.  Yes, that 5 minute set was indeed faster, but there would have been no way to turn that into a 10 minute set, at that pace. Okay, mystery solved.  Todays set was BRILLIANT!

I'm really excited about The Swing Quest in the morning. I've got a couple of special guests AND I hardly did any swings today!  Two thousand, fourteen swing reps in the morning!  Love it!


Diana said...

My professional opinion is~ always cough up the phlegm balls!

Mark Reifkind said...


i knew you would say that :)

Mark Reifkind said...


AWESOME work!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


That's what dehydration will do to you!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Mark Reifkind,

Thank you sweets!