Thursday, January 30, 2014

My 18kg snatch progressions

For now I'm keeping my jerk sets under wraps from public view.
 I've posted publicly how this particular movement's technique, when done with a 16kg, has eluded me, making my progress with it less than satisfying, so I would prefer to practice in private for now.  My snatch sets however, even though my technique is more of a hybrid of sorts, at least keeps me feeling as if I'm worthy in some way of participating in this world of Kettelbell Sport.

The last few weeks I've had some 18kg and 20kg snatch sets in my weekly program preparing me for my next upcoming competition in Costa Mesa February 22 ( where I'll be testing my 16kg jerk and 16kg snatch in what's known as the Biathlon Event.  It is my goal to snatch 200+ reps in 10 minutes with one hand switch; that is the number I'll be hunting......or should I say, I want 200+ to hunt me!  My jerk, again, is another story, but one I've been gaining confidence with and, fingers crossed, I expect, and I will, produce a respectable result.  

This mornings 18kg snatch set was challenging.  Funny how the feelings you bring into a set will manifest into reality!  I was a bit fearful of the numbers, and the bell did not feel "floaty" at all.  Somehow the number "65" messed with my head.  60 would have been okay, 70 would have been okay, but 65 was a bit freaky.  Long story short; I gutted out the first 65 reps starting at about rep 50!  Good Lord 50 is a long way away from 65!  At least that's what started playing with my head.  Had I looked at my previous set, last week, when I did 79 I probably would have calmed my ass down!  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post the last few video progressions. Somehow my 6 minute set never made it to Youtube and was deleted on my Ipad, but I have the numbers.  Here are my sets over the last few weeks, posted backwards, starting with this morning.

Today (Jan 30)
65 R/60 L (7.5 min approx)

There is no way I would have made it to 65 R without Deepika!  When I heard her say "Just 10 more reps" all I thought about was 5 reps at a time.  5 reps twice is all I had to do!  Unfortunately it took me into oxygen debt and I never really fully recovered.  But it was my mental state that was the biggest challenge from the beginning.  I also want to add in my journal that this set was done at 7:45am, after 5:30-6:10 24kg swing training (400 reps), some decompression with other casual KB movements, and then my 16kg jerk practice.

8 min 18kg snatch 70 nR/ 59 L 129 total (Jan 23)

This set was done last Wednesday.  I started out my GS sets on Tuesday, after my heavy swing practice (as usual) and completely felt like I failed my jerks.  It was not a good day.  So I wrapped it up and decided to train the next morning, before yoga "fresh".  I had some other challenges that morning, but the set was more than decent.  (I had to clean out my youngest son's bedroom, and that took almost three hours...just sayin)

6 min 57 54 total 111 = 18.5 reps per minute.  This is the video I cannot find, so I have to rely on my programming journal.  I must have thought I posted it to Youtube, but apparently I did not.  Oh was the set I did the morning I left for Milwaukee....hmmnn...I'll have to look a bit harder, but I think I deleted it.  These sets (jerks too) were also done after heavy swing practice.

5 min set 49 R/ 48 L 97 total (Dec 31)

This set was done after teaching my 6:00-7:00am kettlebell class.  My Tuesday morning class starts out with 30-40 minutes of swings, and I usually swing a 14kg and keep my sets to "equal work/rest" on these morning that I know I have GS sets to complete.  

All in all, after reviewing these 18kg snatch sets I should have done much better this morning.  Oh well, I'm good, I'm fine, and now I know how I will improve for my next set!  Think "light bell", "fast bell", "you've done this before", "it's not a big deal".  I pushed the boundaries with this morning's set, but I may have set the boundary too close to begin with.

Practicing this sport for the past year has been a very interesting addition to my training life.  I have been humbled....not that I needed to be!  But I am reminded of the many talents that we all have; some undiscovered, and some given opportunity to soar, to fly.  I've been reminded many times that "luck" is opportunity meeting preparation.  Practice is the preparation, competition is the opportunity.  Good thing I'm lucky!


Meg Lloyd said...

Never mind the jerks and the snatches, where did you get those tights? Those are awesome!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Meg, I know, they photograph kind of cray-cray! The scale of black and white stripes makes them appear wavy. I'd be happy to loan them to you, but I think that would be way out of your comfort zone! Both the pattern and the length! :)

Diana said...

Even though I was using the "baby" bell of 8kg....I can at least somewhat identify with what mentality this takes to do!

Nice job-strong!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've never met anybody who, after their first attempt at a 10 minute, one hand switch snatch set OR jerk set, with any weight, doesn't appreciate what this practice takes!

Now you get to move on to the 10kg, and then the 12kg!

Diana said...

This may be the "only" time I wish I had a 10kg....

Tracy Reifkind said...


LOL! You will just have to gut it out with the 12kg! I'll help you! Let's talk and set up the progressions!