Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week #4 don't be in a hurry, enjoy the ride, and be your own winner!

Thursday mornings are turning into one crazy ride, and I'm loving every swing rep!  This morning was the 4th week in a 6 week strength and strength endurance swing cycle and although a fairly large jump from last week we still have 2 left in this cycle and the point is not to train max effort...."max effort" is coming, no worries!  I'm in no hurry because as Mark has been known to say, "Win lose or draw, the next day you're back in the gym!"  "Winning" is showing up when everybody else has quit or given up!  But I'm not really in competition with anybody else! At the end of the day I want to feel like my own winner. Not above you or anybody else, but above the little voices inside of me that tell me there's an easier way....that's it's easier to train less or skip/miss workouts altogether, but I know better.  

The core of these workouts we use double bells and a single bell that is the equivalent weight of the two doubles (whatever that is for you).  Brenda and I use dbl 16kg's and the 32kg, while Maribel uses dbl 12kg's and the 24kg.

306 reps x dbl 16kg's (9,792kg's = 21,542.4lbs)
87 reps x 32kg (2784kg = 6,124.8lbs)
60 reps x 28kg (1,680kg = 3,696lbs)
60 reps x 24kg (1,440kg = 3,168lbs)
87 reps x 20kg (1,740kg = 3,828lbs)
Total 30 minutes, 600 reps, 

week #4 17,436 kg's = 38,359.2lbs moved (600 reps)

week #3 15,844kg's = 34,856.8lbs moved (570 reps)
week #2 15,400kg's = 33,880lbs moved (540 reps)
week #1 13,920kg's = 30,624lbs moved (480 reps)

The first goal is "equal work to rest", which is 600 reps in a 30 minute workout, which you can see we reached this week, so where to go now?  Next is to keep the reps the same, but increase the total weight moved over the next two weeks.  That means getting rid of the the 20kg altogether next week, for a small jump, but then another large jump in week #6 when the 24 and 28 must go bye bye, only using the dbl 16kg's and 32kg.  Good God that is going to take some grit!  But we're going to do it....maybe!  I might get rid of the 24kg and 28kg, but reintroduce the 20kg....see, executive decisions!  Moving that kind of weight for a full 30 minutes is no joke, and this is a team effort!  The three of us are in this together!

I'm sorry I can't lead you through each of these workouts because unless I can video tape the exact workout, they are just too difficult to duplicate.  But I hope to journal how I use my progressions to design these kind of "cycles" to help you create a purpose to show your ass up in the gym at least once a week with some sort of plan and purpose and be your own winner!


chrystad72 said...

Hey Tracey! are you doing this on the minute? or how are your equal work to rest rations set up? Id love to try this out! Thanks!

Tracy Reifkind said...

This IS an interval workout, but not done OTM. The very first one was simple sets of ten, then adding more reps, week by week using simple ladders.