Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Dead Snatch

Well, I think I did, in fact, decide to split my jerk and snatch training on the weekends, but during the week I'll keep both together.  I don't know how many jerks I did on Sat while teaching and demonstrating but I'm sure feeling it this morning!  I'm sure yesterday's snatch workout has something to do with it too, but I know one thing for sure, NO kettlebells today!

I had a 14 minute swing/snatch set on my program w/14kg, that's 7 minutes on R and L with only one hand switch.  No prescribed rep count, which means that the length of the set was the goal so I took advantage to work on technique.  Mostly grip saving technique because I want to finish the end of my sets as strong as possible.  My R side was fine and I was able to complete more reps in my last minute than in the previous couple of minutes (my first minute had the highest rep count however before I slowed it down, only by one though).  Yes, my grip was starting to fail, but if I had to go another minute or two I could have survived it.

My L side however was a different story.  Personally I think my L side is my stronger side, even though up until recently my L rep count had never been as high as my R, it stands to reason because by the time I get to the end of 5 minutes on my L side I'm also at the end of a ten minute set....I'm a bit tired!  In yesterday's workout it wasn't so much my grip as much as it was my bicep.  A tired and strained bicep can't help a tired grip, and a tired grip can't help a stressed bicep!  In the last 90 sec I got a chance to practice more of what is known as a "dead snatch".  A dead snatch is when you have little to no momentum from a swing and you are forced to use your legs as bell starts to fall straight down, as opposed to swinging back in an arc.  (the video that I'm posting shows my last minute demonstrating this)  I could have done a couple of more reps this way, but it really was my bicep that I was concerned about.  A practice session is not the time or place to pull or damage a muscle in anyway just to get a couple of more reps.  In fact instead of getting even one more rep I chose to simple hold the bell overhead for the last 5 sec. Still I managed to complete only 2 reps short on my L than I did on my right for a total of 75 R/73 L (150 reps/146 reps).

We went on to practice 15 minutes of Max Vo2, alternating using the comp bell for 1/3 of our sets, (240 snatch reps w/12kg) and ended with close to 30 minutes of swings. (590 reps w/16kg)

sets of:

50 (because I'm 50, 50 years old!  lol)
total 590 swings, 24.5 min.

This swing routine is part of The Swing Quest's, but I altered the second half of it and reduced the rest periods to fit our practice.

Total rep counts (not including 15-20 minutes of warm up reps)

148 14kg swings
148 14kg snatches
240 12kg snatches
590 16kg swings

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