Friday, September 27, 2013

The Swing Quest 2013...the last event until The Swing Quest 2014!

The Swing Quest 2013...the last event until The Swing Quest 2014! But no worries because I'll still be here next year, and the year after, and the year after that!  

I started thinking about this grand plan to get everybody swinging a kettlebell on a regular basis, and as a treat, as a motivator, as a goal, I then would personally lead you all through an event I call The Swing Quest!  The Swing Quest is a 2 hour, 2013 swing rep workout (s) designed in a progressive nature (easy to more difficult) that I would compare to, maybe, a half marathon!  Seriously!  A half marathon!  Two hours is how long it would take an average person to run 13 miles!  I don't know about you, but I'd rather swing for two hours, build muscle, burn fat, increase my cardio conditioning AND do it safely, with absolutely NO impact in my knees, ankles, feet, lower back, hips...shall I go on?  Okay, I won't, enough said!

This past year I have lead my own group through three (now four counting this weekend) events, and I'm happy to report that there are indeed a couple of self motivated people out there in cyberspace that have followed along with!  This weekend I will be leading a brand new group in Big Sur CA!  (more about this trip to come).  While I'm swinging in one of the most beautiful places on earth my training partner and substitute teacher Meg will lead our regular group in Palo Alto!  (some of you are very familiar with Meg as she has co-starred in most of my DVD's!)  The Swing Quest's 4th and last event of the year will start on Sunday, Sept 29th at 8:15am PST!  If you would like to join in there are a couple of things I want to share with you....

The workouts can be found, and some of them, or parts of them have video follow along here on my blog posted in January of this year. However, I have re-written them slightly, tightening them up to flow a little better and build in a more comprehensive progression.  I would be happy to email them to you so you can print them out, if you ask!  I'm only offering it up for the next 36 hours, and you have to promise to swing on Sunday with us, and send me a picture of you doing so!  I'll be sending you the workouts in my own shorthand so please remember that ALL WORK REPS ARE DONE WITH EQUAL REST PERIOD INTERVALS.  (*see note)

My email is

I will only have an hour or so to send them out first thing Saturday morning as I leave to drive to Big Sur at 8:00am.  I will then have about an hour to answer emails in the late afternoon, around dinner time.  Will you rise to the occasion?  You won't be alone, I promise!  We will be there with you!  And The Swing Quest is NOT about doing 2013 exact swing reps, it's about showing up and doing what you can, after all, the next day you still have to get back in the gym!  The Swing Quest is a great place to establish a baseline and when the next event comes around, Saturday, January 4th, with regular workouts you WILL improve.  You WILL do more. You WILL show up.  You WILL be rewarded.

Big Sur Kettlebells Gals here we go!  I can't wait! 

*note:  These workouts are based on equal work to rest intervals.  10 swing reps should always take you approx 15 seconds to complete, giving you 15 seconds to recover for the next set (15/15).  20 reps should take you 30 seconds to complete with 30 seconds rest (30/30).  30 reps should take you 45 seconds to complete with 45 seconds to rest (45/45). 40 reps should take you approx 1 minute to complete with a 1 minute rest/recovery interval (1 min/1 min).  ALWAYS TAKE THE REST YOU NEED!  These workouts and this program is not a race or a challenge as much as it is a motivator.  We all have the rest of our lives to train!  There is no hurry, there is no destination, only the journey. Where will you be next year?  I know where I'll be, and you will find me here, still swinging.


Meg Lloyd said...

Palo Alto Swing Quest is complete - all 2013 swings are done. Looking forward to 2014!!

Tracy Reifkind said...

YAY! You guys rock! I just got home and unfortunately I did not have convenient access to my computer while away, but I've got a lot of catching up to do! AND I think we should all plan on doing a Sept event next year in Big Sur together! It was amazing, wait until you hear about it!

Oh, and Meg, they all knew who you were because they train with us every workout! They think you are an animal! They can't believe how many workouts you can do with only two hand swings! Impressed!