Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Side by Side" Tracy Reifkind, featuring Jeff Sokol!

How many of you have had the opportunity to swing with Jeff Sokol?  I have!  And now you can too!  I'm thrilled that my latest DVD, Side by Side is now available, and there is also a downloadable version so you can start swinging right away!

Side by Side Jeff and I demonstrate how two or more partners at any level, from beginning to advanced, can train....side by side!  I'll post more information about it later today, but in the mean time here is a little video trailer and the link to Create Space where you can get a copy right now!




Maribel said...

You two are so charming! Love it.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Jeff was a pleasure to work with and I hope we can do future projects together!

It was pretty crazy if you think about it! I had never ever met Jeff before, and literally 10 minutes after the cab dropped him off at Juno we started taping! Nonstop (you know how it goes!), and three hours later we were besties and exhausted! It's a miracle we finished this project! lol

Judy said...

Tracy, The link isn't working for me - does it work for you?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm having Mark fix it. Sorry! I can't put myself in charge of stuff like this!

Haico said...

Hi Tracy,
What am I ordering? a physical DVD or a download? Createspace doesn't provide any info on this.