Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's been forever since I made hash browns...or I should say try to make hash browns!  I think the last time I tried it was before I knew anything about cooking so needless to say I'm thinking it didn't turn out so well.  If memory serves me the potatoes never did get cooked all the way through and even then it seemed to have taken forever.  

I had breakfast out with some friends a couple of weeks ago and ordered corned beef hash with a couple of eggs.  I always try and find something on the menu I don't or wouldn't make at home myself, because then what is the point of eating someone else's cooking?  And since I don't eat breakfast (traditionally in the morning) I got my meal to go!  I ended up getting a couple of meals out of the deal since Mark wasn't really into it....although I'm betting he's going to love mine!  I divided the meal into two lunches topping the eggs with my own salsa.  How did I ever forget how nicely salsa goes with eggs? I don't even like eggs hardly, and I rarely eat them other that the convenience of soft boiled eggs for packable protein.  Well, I think that may change...until tomato season is officially over and I don't have fresh salsa!

I thought about ordering another corned beef hash from that same restaurant, since it's right across the street from work, but I decided to make it myself.  But remembering my prior experience I thought precooking the potatoes and then grating them would make the job easier.  Out came my pressure cooker!  No surprise, right?  Using my steamer basket I cooked three large Russet potatoes for 7 minutes at high pressure, and then after I turned it off I let the pressure come down naturally (bout 10-15 min).  I was doing some other things around the kitchen and to be honest I totally forgot about them!  I wasn't really that serious about making hash, and had planned on putting the whole, cooked, potatoes in the fridge until I got re-inspired to finish the "project"!  At this stage it was really just an experiment.  I didn't have much invested, only the price of three potatoes!

Lovely!  The potatoes did cook through a little more than I wanted them to, but still they grated nicely.  Now I was re-inspired!  But no time, or energy, and I didn't need more cooked food in the house yet, I  needed to finish up a pot of soup I made that on the same day, so I took a picture and then put the grated potato in the fridge to wait another day.  Well, today was the day!

I saved off about 3/4 c. of chopped ham from the soup I made, specifically to use in the hash, and taking a cue from the meal I purchased I added diced onion, green bell and red bell.  The jalapeno just jumped into my hands as I was gathering the other ingredients from the crisper!

To be honest I have no idea how to make hash browns!  But I started by heating up some oil and butter in a non stick pan.  I added the diced veg and let the onion become tranlucent, about 5-6 min.  I added the chopped ham and the potatoes, salt and pepper, and tossed it all together IN the pan.  I shook the pan to settle all the mixed ingredients in a nice even layer and let them brown (high/med....I cook everything on high/med...and no I didn't mean med/high!)  Once it got all brown on the bottom I placed a large plate over the pan, and using a hand towel I flipped the hash over, onto the plate, and then slid them back into the hot pan on the other side.  I know, I know, there's probably an easier way, but like I said, I was experimenting!  And you know what? It worked fine!

I let the other side get all brown, and viola!  Next I need to scramble a couple/three eggs because there was some salsa waiting to be eaten!  

I ended up using only half of the grated potatoes, so we all know what that means!  Hash w/ham and peppers, eggs and salsa for tomorrow's lunch.  Woo hoo!

When was the last time you made hash browns?  What are your favorite additions?

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