Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Split

My GS schedule always includes a jerk set (s) and a snatch set (s) in the same day, but I had to split them up today, completing my jerk only sets late in the morning, after classes and privates, saving a 12 min snatch set for Sunday morning.  After some thought I may make this a permanent change of how I train on the weekends.  I'm not able to travel to Juno on Sat very often anymore, if at all, but I'm going to try and make it to Berkeley on Tues or Thurs evenings.  I really miss the energy the athletes, and my coach (!), but fingers crossed I may be able to start my own group on the least I hope so.

Although not an epic jerk set (s) today I went into them with little, to no fear, until after the 10th rep or so!  But I'm in no hurry, and every time I review the video of my training  I can clearly see what and how I need to improve. I had to complete two sets, 60/60 and 40/ this my coach's sneaky way of getting me to do 100 jerks R and L?  Good God, I remember how pissed off I was last week when I had to do 50/50 x 2!  Let me week it will be 70/70, 30/30!  But now that I'm being a smart ass, maybe he'll program me two sets or 60/50?

I was able to recruit the receptionist to count my reps!  Poor young girl!  I'm sure she barely make minimum wage to "babysit" the Studio, bored as heck, when I asked her if she would mind counting my reps she jumped at the responsibility!  I tried not to scare her by not getting too intense (which was a reminder for me too!), and I like how she counted some of the reps before I actually locked out!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow mornings snatch set, and following Max Vo2, double press and, of course, super high volume swings!  Maybe yoga too?  Maybe not!

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