Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Training and some Big Girl (or Big Boy) Advanced HV Swings (high volume)

After my GS jerk and snatch set (16kg, *see below) we did our second Max Vo2 snatch workout in a new cycle I started last weekend.  Last weekend we did 30 sets total (15 R, 15 L).  I think I did the first 10 sets with a 12kg competition bell and finished off the last 20 sets with the 14kg. Today we did 36 sets total.

The rest of this cycle (to 80 sets) will be done with the 14kg (I may use the 14kg comp bell for some of this, I haven't yet decided).  I'm pretty sure I never completed an entire 80 set Max cycle w/14kg, but I'm pretty sure I made it to 75 sets.  Now that I know a bit more about snatch technique the 14 feels light. In fact so light I may just do the next cycle of Max with the 16kg. (which I have done partially already, but years ago)

Oh, but one more thing.  I trained the first 10 sets alternating R to L every other rep, but sets 10-30 I alternated every 5 sets. So sets 10-14 R, 15-19 L, 20-24 R, 25-29 L, ending with alternating R and L until the last set #36.  My first 2 sets were 7 reps each, the remaining 34 set were 8 reps = 286 snatches.

Saturday is my super duper high volume swing day.  "Super duper" could be (and has been) 10 minute continuous sets, (200 reps), but at least sets of 100-120 (2.5-3 min).  No other day of the week do I do this kind of volume.  Sure, on my other two training days I may swing 1000 reps or more but not within a very short period of time, about 45 minutes.

Last week I swung the 16 and 18kg for all of my one hand HV swings, and I probably could have used the 16 for the second "round", and it wasn't that I was feeling weak, it's just that I wanted to back off  slightly, so  Today I used the 14kg for all of my swings.  I know from experience that constant hammering myself into the ground is not working smart, and is actually counter productive.  In the second round I did decide to alternate the one hand swing sets with two hand swings, (journaled in parenthesis) because it's been a really long time since I have done more than 40 continuous 2 hd swings.  This morning I did a set of 90, 70, 50 and 30, in addition to some usual sets of 10, 20, 40 and 50 in the following Intermediate class (another 600+ swing reps).

Big Girl and Big Boy One hand swing ladders

10 R/ 10 L x 10 = 100 reps (2.5/1 min)
9 R/ 9 L x 10 = 90 reps  (2.25/1 min) (2nd rotation 2 hd swings)
8 R/ 8 L x 10 = 80 reps (2.0/.75)
7 R/ 7 L x 10 = 70 reps (1.75/.75) (2nd rotation 2 hd sw)
6 R/ 6 L x 10 = 60 reps (1.5/.5)
5 R/ 5 L x 10 = 50 reps (1.25/.5) (2nd rotation 2 hd sw)
4 R/ 4 L x 10 = 40 reps (1.0/.25)
3 R/ 3 L x 10 = 30 reps (.75/.25) (2nd rotation 2 hd sw)
2 R/ 2 L x 10 = 20 reps (.5/rest as long as you need to repeat starting with 100 reps, we rested 1 minute and repeated)

540 swing reps per rotation, 20 minutes
1080 reps, 40 minutes

Basically we started with one 100 rep set of swings, which takes 2.5 minutes, taking a 1 minute rest period.  Every two sets I decreased the rest period by 15 seconds.  (I've journaled the work to rest ratios in parenthesis).  It worked out perfectly, always making sure we were completing our work sets at a more that 2 to one ratio.

We had 5 minutes left to our 90 minute training session so why not end with an additional 100 reps  "equal work to equal rest",. 1 set each of 40, 30, 20, 10. (2 hd sw) = 5 min

1180 swings, 45 min.

There you go!  Enjoy!

PS  I would have video taped it all for you but that is some serious boredom going on, listening to me count to 100 and down!  But then again, if you are at this level of work then you're a big girl or boy, and it shouldn't be a problem for you to get your ass in the gym and just do it!  Lol  Oh, and I done this exact rotation with snatches before too!  Hmmm....good idea....

PPS Photo above is my left side 16kg jerk that I was supposed to finish 3 minutes before switching to my right....bottom photo?  Me switching to my right after only 2 minutes!  Darn!  Oh well, that's the practice!

*16kg jerk, 5 x 5 18 reps L/R, 6 minute set (3/3min).  I started L, and had to switch to my right after only 2 min.  Completed 3 minutes L, and went back to L, completing the remaining minute.  Not exactly, not even close to the same effect.  But at this point I just need the opportunity to practice technique.
  16kg snatch 30/30 reps, 3 min (90 sec R and L), no prob.


Maribel said...

holy smokes! I didn't realize we swung that much! Glad I just show up...if I had to think about it too much, I may chicken out! LOL!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yep, Saturdays are pretty much 1000 + swings! Get used to it! lol It's Meg's fault!