Monday, May 27, 2013

Really? Get over yourself! Just do your sets!

Here was my workout....that was scheduled for today....but almost didn't happen....but glad it did...cause I'm crazy like that! I'm posting the video to all 4 sets of my GS training today, regardless of how proud I am...not.  In my last blog post I pretty much chronicled how my morning went, but without the real emotional crap of why I let myself fall victim to procrastination.

Not too bad actually.  
First set, 14kg jerk (32/32), I started left, I just have to get used to it!

Second set, 16kg (12/12) only 1 min/1 min.  Nothing to be afraid of...right?  right!  But still I should have done better. I let my fear get me in the last few reps and when I panic ever so slightly, that's it.  Totally forgot to breath right. Argh.

Good God, the 12kg feels like heaven!  I'm going to bed tonight visualizing this set feeling the same with the 16kg.  God please, help me see this in my mind.

16kg swing/ snatch, 30/30.  Better than last week.  Getting easier. In fact the best part of this set was how I got the bell to "float" during the ascend, skipping my grip on my L side....a bit more challenging on my R side.  but "floaty" none the less!

I tend to be dramatic, overly so, and I'm not really a fan of that kind of expression, unless it's fun!  And sometimes drama can be fun.  But when it is just plain being a weenie, with no real basis of fact,  then it's simply boring.  Ho hum.  Really?  Get over yourself already.  Puh-lease.

I'm loving my GS training.  Why?  Because it's a mystery that I HAVE to solve.  My GS training is a challenge, in a good way.  Not just the physical part, but the mental part, that requires an investment of time and respect....good God, is that dramatic or what?  lol

*Reminder:  Don't take yourself so seriously!

Here's the thing.  I'm pissed.  My left side, my "strong" side, seems so far behind my right side, my "stronger" side. How could such a discrepancy exist? I must be imagining it.  I soooo love my right side!  I love it so much that I have refused to change it as my "starting side" for years and years now!  I love my right side!

Newsflash.  You are weak as a kitten on you left side!  Get over it.  Change it, or be crushed.

Noooo!  Yeeeessss!  Okay.  Damn it.

I'm posting all of my sets today knowing I'm still a long way away from putting it all together.  I know the corrections, I just haven't had enough practice to put them all together at the same time.  BUT I will add that after looking at the video I'm not nearly as embarrassed as I thought I would be.

Lots of things, bits and pieces of proper technique, that fly out the window at the start!  "Breathing" is the very first thing, and for the life of me I can't figure out why I don't remember better breathing technique until half way through.  I know it, but I don't implement it. (?)

Relaxation.  How to use more of my total body for more efficiency.  I know it, but I forget.  I either go into survival (which won't take me far), or I it's just Hardstyle habits.  Loosen the grip already, DUH! (you can see me try and implement loosening my grip in the second half of my snatch set as I start to wiggle my fingers around rep 7)

Once I pulled my head out and got down to completing my sets, the only "goal" I had this morning was to "jump under" the bell, and hear my heels pound on the floor, under each jerk.  (thanks to Rebecca Riggs @ Juno...I was watching you!).  I was lucky enough to get a bit of coaching from Jason Dolby last week about locking out the jerk before standing up with it, and it was my main focus this morning.  Also a main focus was my breathing....which is easy to abandon when it's easy, and then again, it's easy to abandon when things start to get rough!  Argh!

Grip too tight,
Get the breathing right.
Do not compromise technique.
Too much "extra" movement in descend.
Get over fear of 16kg.  Just admit that it exists, and it's really not a valid fear.
Find the "sweet spot".  (I think I found it on my R in the last jerk set, so I'm anxious for the next workout to  try it our on my L)
So much to remember with the snatch.  But also remember you have been training this new technique for less that 4 months.  Get over yourself!

I've got to confess that I've been letting the 16kg play mind games with me.  Some of it has to do with old "tapes" playing in my head and some of it has to do with not training properly to build the foundation I need to.  And that's the focus of my next approach.  Paying attention to detail, when I can (breath), and starting to build a different base, a different foundation to go the distance.

August 17th, next competition.  Be there, or be square.


Diana said...

Since I am the "older sister", I have one bit of advice!


You have great trainers, if they weren't great, you would have dropped them by now and found new ones! You have the ability to do such things-remember, there are others who can only dream of ever doing something athletic!
All things will add up together perfectly smoothly when they need to-when you're on the platform!
When you're standing there all freaked out, keep repeating; "fear into faith", "fear into faith"!

I will try and remember my own words as I stand at the starting line of my 70.3! ;)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I know...when I reread it I actually forgot that I wrote that! It's just that every time I went into the gym with confidence that damn bell slaps me into the current reality! It just doesn't seem that it should be that hard!

BUT, I do like the word faith. As I mentioned I think "confidence", but "faith" is different. Thank you my friend, I will think "faith".

And yes, at times it feels easy to give advice we ourselves can't or won't take! (usually we need it just as much if not more!)

Pat Carroll said...

Tracy, yeah, taking yourself seriously is a killer. In 10 minutes, you'll feel differently. It's like Irish weather, feelings don't last. What you think doesn't last. Plan your work, work your plan is all that is useful.

Mark Reifkind said...


I like that! "Plan your work, work your plan!"

At the end of the day, if you mess up you can try again, you can do it all over! You train for yourself, not anybody else.

Thanks. I highly respect you comment, it means a lot to me.