Friday, May 17, 2013

Mini Sin, the last peak to climb.

Whew!  Yesterday we finished the last super heavy workout of this past 6 week cycle that included the 32kg.  Last week was actually the hardest with only a slight back off, but only in terms of how the swing sets were done, NOT in weight moved.

We did the same exact Sinister ladder, only backwards.  So still 50 reps per round, four bells, (all heavy!), one round each laddering down from most heavy to least heavy (notice I didn't write "heavy to light"!).

20 reps (30 sec break)
15 reps (7 sec break)
10 reps (15 sec break)
5 reps (22 sec break)


3 rounds w/each bell
30 min, 600 swings

2 more rounds laddering reps and laddering weight for one and ending the last round entirely using only the least heavy bell.

20 rep w/20kg
15 rep s/24kg
10 reps w/28kg
5 reps w/32kg

last round w/20kg (50 reps)

40 minutes total workout, 800 swings, 17,800 lbs moved.  Last week 15, was the last two additional rounds that I added at the end of this workout that increased total workload.

Now we will back off for a few days and test our snatch numbers next week.


shortnginger said...

good work - that is some workload
in the building phase myself but not to the same level!
you awesome maam

Tracy Reifkind said...

S & G,

This cycle seemed much harder than the last one...unfortunately I didn't journal the last one (SFG prep). It was double 16's and the 32, only 8 reps per 30 sec starting at 10 minutes and building up to 20-15 (can't remember), continuing on with much lighter weights to round off 30-45 minutes of swings.

Going back to double 16's next cycle and more dbl overhead stuff.