Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday Learn, Practice, Train

Pretty uneventful these days, just putting in the reps!  Saturday is turning out to be a mix of GS and HS (hardstyle) workouts for me.  Learning this new technique of the movement is only half of the training, I also am learning how to program my GS practice so I can train it!

First things first, I get my GS sets done since they require me to be at my freshest and strongest., AND I have to get used to starting with my L side instead of always starting R!  I give my two training partners options to train along, either with a GS flavor, or just regular HS technique.

For instance, I was scheduled to do a 3 minute 16kg snatch set paced at 20rpm, one hand switch (30/30).  I gave the option of any bell size, any number of hand switches, the only option they didn't have is that it was a 3 minute long set, period.  Do it any way you want!

I also had some jerk/ holds (5x5's), that I suggested they practice also because I think this exercise has great value in building strength.  "5x5" is when you hold the jerk overhead for 5 seconds, then rack and hold for 5 sec, repeat. This equals out to 6 reps per minute.  Our set was 4 minutes yesterday (one hand switch for me 16kg).

Onto our latest cycle of Max vo2.  This time around I'm using the 14kg.  Yesterday we completed 46 sets, on our way to 80.  I've got to look at a calendar to see how quickly I want to get this done. The timing needs to be right for my next meet.  I'm finding that using the 14kg is not nearly as irritating as the first time I used this weight for this style of training.  In fact I can see using it for some "Beyond Max" at some point.

46 set of 8 reps = 368 snatches (23 minutes)

High volume swings are next.  I'm scheduled to shoot my next video in a couple of weeks, so I'm working out some ideas with my partners.  Give and Take is my most popular workout dvd so I tried out some new options using the same format.  I think I came up with some good stuff!  For my own training I only used the 16kg and I did all two hand swings (although there will be one hand swing options on the next dvd)  We trained another 35 min and until I journal the exact workouts I'm confident we did at least 800 swing reps.

not bad.

My Intermediate class has at least two women that want to compete the 5 minute HS snatch test at my August GS meet, so we all started out with snatch practice.  Both of them passed the 5 minute test with the 8kg (20 rpm) and I had another pass it with the 10kg for the first time!  The rest of us used the 5 minute set broken into five 30/30 (work to rest) sets at the same pace 10 snatches per 30 sec.

Needless to say that everybody was pooped the second half of class!  But still we managed another 25 minutes if Give and Take practice (my students are always my Guinea pigs!  And I mean that in the nicest of ways!  So, another 500 swing reps, "give or take" a few (pun intended!)

Next?  Well, I was done and only had privates the rest of the morning.  And I had another snatch test to give!  And I'm happy to report that another student crushed her 5 min 12kg test so she can move onto the 14kg, and then fingers crossed....the 16kg by August!  No time for the weary!

How was you Saturday?  Did you learn something today?  Did you practice something today?  Did you exercise/train?


Diana said...

I would have given my right arm to do a Saturday like this....but, it's not to be.
Amazing how fast the muscle turns to flab.
What I did on Saturday was go grocery shopping for 1/2 hour and realized how much this surgery has kicked my ass-so I spent the rest of it on the couch doing some mental training!
This is my window of opportunity...the window that I can't let close due to stupid reasons. I have begun my 70.3 training-just not the physical part, that's the easy part anyway!
Swing a few hundred for me sister!

Tracy Reifkind said...


What's more amazing is how flab turns back to muscle once you have built it in the first place! Please, don't forget that!

Surgery is the last thing anyone is prepared for, either mentally or physically (even when you think you are). It's a big deal!

I'll put you name on a few hundred swings!