Monday, May 27, 2013

I Love My Life...but man, I make it so hard sometimes! Monday GS...the workout that almost didn't happen...because of a free orchid!

3:49am....Mark says, "Okay, its time."

I look at the clock.  What?  It's not even close to 4:00am.  Argh.  (I say to myself, "quit have the day off, he has to go to work!")

3:55am I get coffee for the two of us, even though I could go back to sleep, because I've got nothing to do, no one expecting me.  But I decide to quit being an ungrateful baby and get up at the same time I expect my man to start his day.

5:15am  Mark leaves for work.  No paid holidays in this business.  Me?  Oh...I check facebook, check my blog, check email.  I've got a GS workout scheduled for Mondays and Bikram yoga.  The usual household stuff.  Dishes, laundry, no cooking, but I could always spend some time putting things in cleaning off our desk/dining room table!

7:00am approaches....geez, I've got to get it together if I expect to jerk and snatch the 16kg this morning!  Maybe I need another day off?  Hmm...which schedule do I want to follow?  Do I want to do a "bit" of GS and still get to a 90 minute Bikram practice....considering I, kinda, overindulged on Saturday and I'm still paying the price I wanted to do neither!  God I DO NOT want to go to yoga...maybe I'll just go for a walk and do my GS sets and call it a day.  But then when is the next opportunity for stretching out?  Not until Wed., if I'm realistic.

7:45am  I know if I'm going to try and make the 9:15am yoga I need to get my GS practice done at least 30 minutes beforehand, otherwise I will not be able to lift my arms up in some of the postures...I take off for a "warm up" walk round my neighborhood.  Just 15-20 minutes and I'll come back and hit it!

15 minutes of walking and I notice a "garage sale" sign for today, Monday, one block over from me....oh, why not?  I hadn't 100% made up my mind to train my GS sets today or tomorrow anyway.

8:00am garage sale.  Browsing.  Found something I might want for $2 (a box of 12 brand new drinking glasses)...and then I find out this is an estate sale and they are selling all of the potted plants and really, anything in the yard....super cheap.  In fact they are giving it away!  But I'm on a time schedule.

A tall potted plant with a pedestal.  Free.  AND they will deliver it to my house 1 blk away in about 15 minutes!  Okay....maybe I can still make yoga, but do my GS sets tomorrow, on a regular kettlebell day.

I'll take it!

8:15am I get home and realize that nope, no GS, but I'll have time to do it big, except I kind of let myself down.  I had talked myself into thinking I needed one more day of recovery and justified it as such.  Okay, I suck, onto a free plant and yoga.

8:30-8:40am delivered by my neighbor....what a talky kind of guy....clock is ticking....I've got to leave by 8:45am to make 9:15 yoga.

8:45am I quickly check the yoga schedule and forgot that my studio is offering free classes this Memorial Day and suggests everybody pre register.  What?  Argh!  No time, I'll have to take my chances.....fill up my water bottle, jump in my car...

9:10am  I arrive at the yoga studio....completely full and they are turning people away!  No room.  Oh well, what could I expect?  I had messed up everything from the start!  Since I was already there I reserved a spot for 12noon.

9:20am  I did some shopping at Trader Joe's (same shopping center), went home to put groceries away.

9:55am, almost 10:00am.  Should I do my GS sets? Why not?  Man up, shut up, and do this "sh!#"!  You procrastinated all morning, quit being a baby.  You picked it, you play it.  Shut up and train.  Shake it off and do what you know you need to do.  It's only a few jerks and snatches!  Quit being so dramatic about it!

10:10am  Warm up.  A few GS swings, progressing in bell size...but not too much.  Set clock (I love my clock!)  Counting down now!

14kg jerk 32/32 (4 min, 1 hand switch, 4 min rest)
16kg jerk 12/12 (2 min, 1 hand switch, 4 min  rest)
12kg jerk 40.40 (4 min, rest as needed before snatch set)

16kg swing/snatch, 30/30

Bleepin' heck!  Done!  What was the big stinkin deal about?  Now get your ass to yoga!

12 noon that wasn't so bad, was it?

Moral of the story?  A couple actually!  But the biggest one?  Quit making life so hard!  Do what you say you are going to do!


Diana said...

Haha. Know that feeling. This kind of goes along with what I posted today....

there's always some reason or another that we put things off, or somehow our day gets turned around from it's original plan. I used to fret over it, but now I just shake the dirt off my back and move on.

Maribel said...

There is some comfort in knowing that you have the same struggles we all do. I think I have similar conversations with myself on a daily basis...but I always feel fabulous once I get my a$$ in gear and "just do it!"

Hanneke said...

Where I currently live it is light at 4 am!! (only in summer of course). So easy to make the day start early that way.

Downside: When I want to go to bed at 9, the sun is still out and going to sleep seems ridiculous.

Don't get me started on winter though!