Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Ten", an advanced Snatchaholics workout. (and an option to be scaled for a beginning level)

The video I'm including in this post was taken during my Tuesday morning class and that's why you will hear so much talking from other people and trainers in the gym.  Because we started out with this progressively more difficult version of "Ten", it begins with a "warm up".  Personally I don't like to walk into the gym and just start snatching fast and I don't like to lead students that way either, even with swings.

OK, so I mentioned it was "progressively" more difficult.  All of my routines follow a progression that's why I've been called the "Queen of Ladders" also!  In true Tracy fashion this workout starts out slow and easy (relative), although if you are at more of a beginning level video part 1 may be your entire workout, it's a great routine in itself (more advanced people if you don't think it's challenging do it with a heavier bell!)  You will hear me explain throughout both videos options for scaling the workout.  This is because my Tuesday morning class has a mixed level attendance.

The workout uses the same concept of alternating one set of snatches, "paced" within 1 minute and then a 30 sec rest is taken, and one set of snatches done faster only having 1 minute to work and rest.  The first 5 warm up sets will take you to the first work sets of 10/10, same as how the last two "Ten" routines start.  Enjoy!

4 R, 4 L (this set is done slower...paced within a 30 sec work interval with 30 sec rest)
8 R, 8 L, paced, taking and entire 1 min (same pace as the first set, 30 sec rest)
8/8, speed (this will probably take you 30 sec, giving you 30 sec rest)
9 R, 9 L, paced (again still slower than the past 2 workouts)
9/9 speed
10 R, 10 L, paced (here we are at our past starting pace)
10/10, speed
11 R, 11 L (uh oh!  Here we go...this is the advanced part!)
10/10, speed (this set always stays at 10/10...that's why it's included as a version of "Ten", lol)

12 minutes, 158 snatch reps

part 2 video

12 R, 12 L, paced
10/10 speed
13 R, 13 L, paced
10/10 speed
14 R, 14 L, paced
10/10 speed
15 R, 15 L paced
10/10 speed

10 minutes, 188 snatch reps

22 minutes 346 snatch reps

The reason why this is advanced is because, as you'll see, as the "paced" rep counts increase in reps so does the speed turning them into 1 minute long speed sets!

There are a number of ways to use this workout, besides going through both parts once and wrapping it up.  As I mentioned a beginning level KBer can start with the first 9 set and repeat it, and in fact it is a true progression for a beginning level KBer to work up to the first version of "Ten".  Or a more advanced KBer can use a heavier bell, which is something I may do myself!  It's 158 snatch reps and it should take slighty less than 12 minutes to complete, totally respectable! (done twice 316 in only 22 minutes!)

The second video starts with 12 R, 12 L.  You can complete the first video as a warm up and repeat the second half of this workout making it even a more advanced workload, totaling 534 snatch reps in 32 minutes!  I, of course, will keep playing with the variations...more to come, I'm sure!


Diana said...

Thank you for feeding my "addiction"! That 15/15 is definitely no joke!
Can't wait to give this a try on Wednesday!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana, I actually can't wait to do this one again...only slightly more difficult...yep, you may know where it's headed!

I'm going to miss my Thursday garage workout so I may be on my own Tuesday morning.....after class! I can't make them go through this one again, lol!

Hanneke said...

I decided about 2 weeks ago that I did not snatch enough... Now these routines are coming up just in time. I love to take it slow and build up my snatch endurance. Actually I think snatching is easier than swinging...

Tracy Reifkind said...


Snatching IS easier that swinging! I'll write a post about it...but it's so bad ass!

I think swings are bad ass too...well, at least a lot of my swing workouts are! (and the people that do them!)

Diana said...

Just finished this workout! Phfewww, I'm sweatin' nicely!
Snatches always bring a smile to my face!
I did the 22 minutes of 346 reps. Like I thought, that 15/15 is no joke.
Great workout, will try to either do the workout twice starting from the 8's or use a heavier bell next time....lots of variations can be done on this!