Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Book Signing is More than just an "Autograph" (Revised)

This Saturday, April 7th, 1:00pm is my first book signing.  It is an important event for me and for future book signings as it will help establish interest in "The Swing" with other Barnes and Noble bookstores across the country as well as other smaller and local bookstores.  This event is the official launch of my book "The Swing".

This book signing event is about much more than just getting my autograph.  This book signing is about generating excitement as well as exposure not just for this amazing exercise movement, but for the possibilities of transformation.  And no one believes in it more than I do!

This will give me a chance to talk about all aspects this training and to answe any and all questions.  If training kettlebells has changed you, or your life in any way, it's your chance to share too!  If you are an Instructor please come, it's a great opportunity for you to meet potential clients and support your are in the business of teaching kettlebells, right?  And if you can't make it send your clients and students, this book may be just the thing they can share with their family and friends curious or intimidated about kettlebells.

This event will give me a chance to show it the exercise and how it's transformed me. Not just my physical body but how I look at life as a more hopeful and positive person as well as a being and living my life as healthy and fit woman in my 40's.  How it's given me a second chance, in some way helping  me to feel as if I've "righted" all the wrongs in my life!  And how it can help increase everybody chance not just to lose weight but make weightloss permanent, like it has for me!  Let's make the "exception" the "rule"!  

Let's get everybody doing air swings in front of their chairs!  Yeah, let's do it!

Barnes and Noble bookstore, San Jose, Stevens Creek Blvd and San Tomas Expy

Be there or be square!

(Revision)  I'm learning as I go, so I'll share a little bit more information with you all... It costs bookstores to host a book signing event!  They make their money back by....guess? Book sales!  Book stores advertise the event, print promotional materials, create and use space for book signings otherwise utilized by patrons, and purchase maybe up to 10 times more copies of your book in hopes of selling them all, that day, with the authors help!  The author must be able to pull in customers, and get the customers already in the store excited, impressed, or motivated to buy the authors book when they might not have ever known about it!  It's a big deal!

It would be lovely to simply call Barnes and Noble and say, "Hey!  I wrote a book, can you host a party for me?"  

Show up!  Support a book an/or an author you like and/or believe in!  As I mentioned in the first part of this post generating excitement as well as support is the best thing you can do for any author's book signing!

Thank you all!


Diana said...

I still say it's hard for me to determine whether I'm happier with what kettlebells have done for my mind/attitude or my body!
Great little tool to do 2 great things-bringing the mind and body together into one strong-ass person!

Good luck with the signing! You will touch so many more lives at this event! I'm honored to be a part of this community!

Diana said...

PS/some day I'll get my copy signed in person! My guess is probably in St. Paul! :)

Beth said...

I hope you can make it to San Diego for a signing!

spuetz3 said...

Is there a list available of locations you'll be signing at?

Marla said...

I certainly need to get my butt up to the Bay area so you can sign my already dog eared pages book. Marla

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana...too bad you can't make it down to MN on Friday...I'll be announcing more details about the event I'm doing with Linda Mertens in Plymouth...tons of fun for 4 hours! They are going to have to kick me out of Plymouth!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I just revised this blog post further explaining how book signing work....I hope to get a gig in SD also! Mark and I will be there in June for an RKC reCert at Revolution Fitness!

Maybe we can swing on the beach in the morning? I'm game!

Tracy Reifkind said...


As I just commented back to Beth...I revised this blog post to include information on how book signing work from the books stores end of it. This is the only one I have booked and future booking depend on the success of the last one!

You can always request it with the manager of your local store, even if it's not Barnes and Noble!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Marla! Well, you come here, or I go there! either way it's a win/win!

miss you...

guy said...

I need mine signed when you reach Dallas BossLady! I sincerely hope you sell a million copies.

Tracy Reifkind said...


a million books would mean I could come to Dallas for lunch....every day if I wanted to! Oh, and of course lunch would be after a swing workout!

Snatches coming tomorrow!

Beth said...

That would be cool! Let me know when in June you are here! We are out of town the 15-17th.