Monday, April 9, 2012

It Can Happen, it Does Happen, it Did Happen!

One of the things I write about in my book is that weight loss can happen quickly!  One of the myths that keeps getting perpetuated is that you can't lose weight faster than you put it on....really?  Well I think the opposite is true, in fact I know the opposite to be true!

How many times have you heard "Well, you didn't put it on overnight, so you can't expect to take it off overnight!"  You know what?  Screw you!  These are the same people that also tell you once they notice that you are in fact losing weight, "Now, don't lose too much weight.  You don't want to do don't want to get too skinny!"  How dare anyone say that to anybody else....  I say lose all the weight you want, go ahead.

I know how much food, how many extra calories it takes to support an additional 100 lbs of body weight,  I know because I did it.  Once you stop eating like a 250lber you stop being a 250lber!  The "250lber Fairy" didn't come tap you on the head!  The reason why I promote a very low calorie diet is to create momentum.  Losing 5 lbs in a week is practically overnight!  And when we see results quickly it adds fuel to our fire.

It took me years, at the rate of 20lb per year until I my body weight reached over 250lbs, and 11 months to drop 100lbs.  And I wasn't malnourished, in fact I was the healthiest person I knew.  Eating highly nutritious vegetables in abundance, plenty of proteins, fats and carbs, during the week and ice cream and cookies on Saturday (if I wanted), I was hardly starving.

What about the myth that losing weight too fast isn't healthy.

Is being 250lbs healthy?  Starving isn't healthy no matter how much weight you want to lose.  "Starving" yourself is an unhealthy mind set as much as eating yourself to death is, it's the same destruction.  Neither should be an option.

Feed yourself the right amounts of food to support the bodyweight you want to see and feel, and it can happen quickly.  It can happen starting today, right now, you can do it!

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chcj14339 said...

Hi Tracy, love your blog!

I am inspired by your story. I lost 50 lbs a few years ago and kept it off for a year before gaining 20 lbs back. I have since been trying hard to lose this weight but so far I am down five. I find that these 20 lbs are a lot harder to lose than the initial 60.

My question is regarding your Saturdays when you said you could eat whatever you wanted. Didn't you gain weight from that cheat day? I find that when I did that, I would gain back what I lost from earlier that week, and then some! Then I would spend the most of the following week trying to lose what I gained from that one cheat day got to a pony where I was losing and gaining the same 5 lbs or so... So how did you manage?

Thank you so much! Also, I have your swings progression's hard, but I am learning!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I explain the parameters of the cheat day in my book "The Swing" (in case you were wondering what the title was, lol!)

The basic rules are, #1 you have to have met your weight loss goal during the week. #2 The "cheat day" is not an entire day (important!), it's only 2 hours..should be enough! (Lots of times I would be finished eating (cheating) by 2:30 in the afternoon...but that's just me.) #3 the following day is a more exact low calorie day.

I was always back to Fridays weight by Monday morning ready to keep losing through the next week.

When I got to the weight I wanted to, like now, I still lose weight M-F and eat up on Sat, low calorie day on Sun. It's a routine.

Funny my "cheat" meals aren't what they used to be! I can't remember the last time I ate a pint of ice cream and a bag of cookies, but yogurt, GrapeNuts and I have a very close relationship! Lots of times I just eat more of what I eat during the week. But I'll admit to a small loaf of french bread with butter...yep, I'll admit to that!

chcj14339 said...

Ah..ok. Makes sense. I wasnt doing the low calorie Sunday. I want to try this. I will also get your book. Thank you for your help!

Steve said...

The one thing I didn't find in the book (unless I missed it) is hand care. I completed OTM #3 (I really had to push myself to finish) and ended up having what looked like a blister just underneath the middle finger on my right hand. It seems to be gone now, but I am wondering if the kettlebell I am is too heavy for me at this point if and I should go with my lighter one.

Honeybee said...

i am so inspired by you. maybe i should quit water fasting n try to look for another way around to lose weight fast!


neca said...

Hey Tracy! I'm not on facebook but I am "liking" your book. :-) I've read your old blof almost from the beginning, but with a big move and lots of stress, I did go back to some of my old habits.

For my birthday I bought myself your book and your workout video. I'm swinging 3 times a week and wokring on improving my food. I'm not where I want to be, but I've made huge improvements.

Thanks for the reminder that we do all have this in us if we are willing to make it happen.

Have a great day!

Hanneke said...

Very true post. I learned that it is possible too even though I was not 100 pounds overweight but 30 pounds can be just as hard!
Now I want to be a really low weight for my marathon coming up this summer. It scares me a little but I know I can do it.
I really don't "cheat". I just eat more of my favorite meals on certain days. That process took a lot of time too though.
"It is the mind itself that builds the body" Von Schiller quote

Tracy Reifkind said...


The only downside to training "high volume" is hand care! I think because I'm so used to it it just never bothers me and I never think about it.

On the front page of this blog is a link to "Tracyrif socksleeves" This has been my answer to hand protection from the beginning and it's what you see around my hand in the cover picture. Some people use weightlifting gloves and that works fine. Some people use a grip loosening "technique" which involves loosening up the grip allowing the handle of the bell to pivot more easily. I hope some of this helps.

Thank you for your comment

Tracy Reifkind said...

Honeybee...yikes, water fasting! Hey, if you like it, and it works I'm not here to judge. But if it's not working then there are other options!

Tracy Reifkind said...


we do all have it inside of us! we do....and we know it!

Tracy Reifkind said...


any amount of weight, 5 10, 30, 50, 100, 200 all gets lost one pound at a time and by making the necessary changes. Change can feel uncomfortable no matter what that change is when motivation is lacking.

I have to admit that there is something about being a "runner" that is attractive to me. But I don't want to be someone that runs, I would want to "be a runner", and I know, because I know myself, that that would require getting very thin...too thin for my own vanity! Good thing I've got my swings! I'm not a runner, and I respect those of you that are!

Hanneke said...

Exactly true!! I have been more something like a jogger for years and years. I run because I really like it and it makes me feel good.
This year for the first time I want to take it to the next level and see if I can get faster and become a real "runner" . Therefor I have to get thin. However I don't know how I am going to like that yet. We'll see!! It's going to be hard work though..

guy said...

Another great post Ma'am! By the by, do you have any goulash receipes you can post? Thanks again!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Hmn...goulash....isn't that soup? What makes a goulash? Usually potatoes, which I don't chose to eat, and paprika, which I love!

I think I posted a Hungarian soup idea (aka recipe) a few months ago when I returned from my trip...

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