Friday, April 20, 2012

One Hand Swing Practice Workout

My workouts almost always parallel what my clients/students need to work on as well as what I need from my own personal training.  I decided to post this workout because the cross over of scaleability as it does not exclude any "level".

In the first video I talk about the workout along with a quick warm up, and then I demonstrate the entire first rotation in the second.  I totally screwed up and did 4 extra work sets, so I apologize for not being perfect, lol....a little extra work never hurt anyone! (but I did do it right numerous times through the week!). The thrid video sugggests how to program the workout using only one more variation.  It only demonstrates a couple of work sets, how many you actually do is up to you.  And the last video demonstrates another entire version of how to use this progression with a heavier, much heavier bell, (and as you will see I get out of breath), so you can scale the workout to an advanced level easily.

With the exception of the very first set of 10 2 hand swings and the last set of 10 one hand swings, all work sets start with 2 hands on the bell, and each set is performed R and then L seperately.  When you read 5/5 for instance that means 5 2 hd swings, 5 one hand swings, either left or right.  The entire workout is designed with "equal work to rest" ratio, but if you are not training at that level yet then my suggestion is to complete 2 sets, one R and one L, with the prescribed 15 sec rest and then take the extra rest you need, starting again with two sets/15 sec rest between, extra rest etc.  But always always take the rest you need this is your workout, no one elses.

10 2 hd sw
9/1 x 2 (1 set R, 1 set L)
8/2 x 2 (here is where I keep screwing up!  7/3 R, 8/2 L, and then I repeat the mistake again!)
7/3 x 2
6/4 x 2
5/5 x 2
4/6 x 2
3/7 x 2
2/8 x 2
1/9 x 2
10/10 one hand swings

210 swings 10 min

5 2 hd sw + 5 one hd sw  x 2 x 5 (I suggest 10 sets total 5/5 R, 5/5 L)
100 swings, 5 min

No need to ever use a heavier bell, it depends on whether or not you own additional bells and what kind of workout you need, or challenge you want.  Remember that "training" is not "testing"!

Heaviset bell, last rotation (or maybe this version IS your workout, repeated a few wasn't mine, lol!)

10 2 hd sw
9/1 x 2
8/2 x 2
7/3 x 2
6/4 x 2
5/5 x 2
110 swings 5.5 min



Diana said...

Great workout! Love ladders-they are one of my favorites. I'm thinking that one could do a snatch instead of the 1-arm swings as well to add a new dimension to this workout, actually a whole new different workout!

Tracy Reifkind said...


All of my swing workouts translate into snatch workouts because a snatch IS just a big ole swing with a little more technique involved! Many times as a new routine evolves it ends up with a snatch version by the end of the week. And then on top of that the swing and snatch versions will have an beg-adv level.

The snatch version however rarely increases intensity by increasing the weight. It's just not possible to "train" the snatch using a 20kg! Unlike a swing, where the weight is less a limiting factor.

Nadine said...

Awesome! Thank you :)
I did this today- all 3 versions with the swing, then I used Diana's suggestion (thanks Diana!) and did the first rotation with the 12kg- all swings one handed except the first 10 2 hd swings and just rested till the next beep on the gymboss (set at :15 intervals) Took 10min, 45 seconds -

Have a great weekend!

guy said...

Another great post & practice Ma'am! Is the one you Dubbed burning the candle at both ends going to be posted soon? You piqued my curiousity w/ that one.

Also, not to seem greedy, I'd love an intermdfiate to advanced pwr sw practice routine too. Although I have been toying w/ my own pwr sw ladder practice idea, based of of your practices. Thanks!

Tracy Reifkind said...


This workout turned out to be quite a winner! I repeated some version of it in all three of my morning classes. the most difficult weight I used in my first workout knowing once I put my heaviest bell down I would not be picking it back up the rest of the morning!

I did a totally different snatch workout that will be coming because it was hard! I don't know it it was hard because I had already been training for a bit. Anne, she was in a previous video with me, who recently got her RKC in Feb did the same snatch workout with the 16kg! Yikes!

Tracy Reifkind said...


This workout is a keeper, it's so easily scaled for all levels (even your own depending on what body shows up that day, lol), and it was not easy for sure!

I'm thrilled to hear you are designing your own workouts based on my methods of ladders and intervals! that's the idea!

"BCBE" (burning the candle at both ends") was say too hard to train with my classes this week. As I wrote about at the beginning of this post I have to take into consideration the needs of my classes first, then I make it fit my needs....and then you all get it, lol! It's a workout that ends up with a continuous 100 rep set...not for beginners.

guy said...

I still want to see the BCBE vid, I'm glutton for punishment lol :)

Maribel said...

I loved the version of this we did today Tracy. It was challenging in a good way. Really made me push myself with that 16k.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I did it a number of times, so you'll have to wait for me to recover!

Tracy Reifkind said...
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Tracy Reifkind said...


It's a keeper for sure! I've decided we need more heavy, I mean "heavy" one hand swings...not a lot of them but some. Good job with the jerks by the way!

Hanneke said...

Is it maybe possible to just post the routine of BCBE without the video's? Just because you got me really curious now too!! ;)

This one was fun by the way....

Tracy Reifkind said...


Nope! lol

The routine has some really good progressions and I'll tape it on Thursday.